Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Katy's back

I’m happy to be back, and really happy that Liz is going to be a part of this from now on. We all met last night and had dinner at Crisp, which is a delicious inexpensive quick meal in NYC. As Bobby mentioned, we all have different goals this time around so over dinner, we brainstormed, chatted and chewed our way to this new idea.

Essentially I came to the realization that I will not be rewarded for every good choice I make in life, so instead of taking a competition approach to this round, we are looking at it as making lifestyle choices that will stick forever.

Therefore, my ultimate goal is to make healthy, mindful choices that allow me to lose 1lb/week over the next 3 months, totaling a 12 lb loss. Which is scary to think that at that point, I could essentially be done with my weight loss journey.

Over the holidays, I've gained a couple pounds. My birthday, Christmas, Vacation to Florida to see Alex's family, New Years, all brought with them a cornucopia of baked goods and booze. And zero exercise. That's changing now. Another thing that's changing is my diet. I watched Food Inc this weekend and it was really eye-opening for me; never before had I really given much consideration to how the food that I put in my body had been prepared. Therefore, I am now going to make an effort to stop eating meat and start eating organic whenever I can.

Of course, week one and all 3 of us are heading out of town. I am going skiing in Vermont with my family and my boyfriend, Alex. Fortunately, my mom’s doing Weight Watchers and Alex is also making a sincere effort to watch what he eats and lose weight, so I will be in good company.

This week specifically my goals are:
- Track what I eat. Stay within my allotted 20 Weight Watchers points per day and 35 weekly points.
- Exercise 2x in the fitness room at our condo. Try skiing for at least 1 day (I don’t ski, don’t really like it, have been traumatized.)
- Overall, I’m just going to try to keep it under control on our mini-vaca, and not get stressed out (funny how family vacations do that).

See you on the slopes.

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  1. have fun on your trip!! I'm so happy you guys are blogging again! and welcome Liz!! :)