Friday, October 30, 2009


This post is dedicated to my love for Halloween. I'll also post another one after the weekend, when we actually celebrate it for real.

Last night, went to an industry party at one of the editors I use a bunch. It was a great time, some amazing costumes, great dancing. Sam Ronson was DJing, I'd heard mixed things about her but I danced more than I have in a while!

Oh and! This guy Mike (hi Mike if you're reading!), who's a friend of Bobby and mine, was at the party. He's lost a bunch of weight and looks amazing, and he said Former Fatties was his inspiration! I'm sure he was kind of lying, but it still was awesome.

Here's me and Jess:

We didn't have a specific costume. We were just... fly.

That dress was my New Years Eve dress last year, when I was a fucking whale:

(obviously reaching a never before seen level of inebriation at that point)

Really, guys? You let me out like that? And that was with Spanx on. Happy to report, yesterday I went Spanx free.

I have to go take a nap now. I'm really hungover. It must be something about that dress, because the two times I've worn it were EXTREME. Something about the sequins...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank you to everyone who was friends with me in early 2008.

I just unearthed this on Facebook:
It was dated June 2008, which means I had thought that I had lost a good amount of weight at that point. Maybe I had, which is scary. This was right around when I met Katy, and again, I remember thinking I looked good at that point.

For comparison, let us please look at this, taken just after the original Former Fatties contest ended:
I chose another picture with my friend Liz Waters to represent my thanks to her and everyone else who have been friends with me through all of this. By that I mean, "thanks for being friends for me even though I was fat" and, even more so, "thanks for being friends with me even though I've spent the past year and a half talking about losing weight."

That picture does no justice to how soaking wet we were at the Kelly Clarkson concert on Good Morning America. Soaking. My phone died because it was essentially submerged. That is friendship.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm not (entirely) dead

I've been sick for the past week and a half. And been working...a lot.

Went to the doctor last night and got antibiotics finally. I have an upper respiratory bacterial infection.

Needless to say, nutrition and exercise have been at the bottom of my priority list.

Getting better in time for Halloween, yes, THAT is on my priority list.

Next week I'll be better?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I want to look absurdly fit by the time the holidays arrive. It is a great feeling when relatives I haven't seen in a while all notice how fit I look. Historically, the holidays have always been a time when I felt particularly plump, with all those photos being taken of me in ill-fitting sweaters and ALL THOSE APPETIZERS.
And then of course there is New Years, the ultimate opportunity to start fresh. My driving motivation has really been to be totally done trying to lose fat by the end of this year. I can spend 2010 triathlon training and getting in insaaaaane beachbody shape.

SO, a little reality check:

THANKSGIVING is FIVE weeks from today.

CHRISTMAS EVE is NINE weeks from today.

NEW YEARS EVE is TEN weeks from today.

I am glad I realized this now, because my goals are all still attainable, but the is really no more time for messing around.

Katy - how long till you are back in a bikini? Yea...I'm using scare tactics. What of it?

What I am wearing to Christmas mass this year:

We are already a week into month two.

I don't really know how that happened.

Good news is that I have been eating great all day (so far I've had a banana, an apple, almonds, chicken sausage on Arnold Deli Flat or whatever they are called, and lots of water.)

Better news is my back/side feels about 80% better. It has gone from feeling like an injury to feeling like a somewhat sore muscle, and only when I move a very specific way. I have no doubt I will be fine by the time INSANITY arrives.

I should be more than able to do my Yoga X and X Stretch over the next few days to prepare for Insanity, as well as to make sure I don't screw myself over for Whammies this month. The November 1st check in is rapidly approaching.

Katy, what should we do to get the fire back?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The cookies won.

With the help of the creme.

That last post was too concise.

  • Last night I had some time to kill before my dinner with Katy, so I went to Filene's Basement in Union Square. I tried on jeans. They were size 30. They were kinda loose. I win.
  • Dinner with Katy was great! We were joined by our good friend Bonnie, which was awesome because we love her but also because it forced us to discuss things unrelated to our wastelines. I've realized that when Katy says, "How are you?" I immediately start listing what I've eaten since we last spoke.
  • I have an uncharacteristic craving for sweets lately. Every time I cross paths with a chocolate chip cookie I have a stare-down with it. Its been tough, but I've held strong. Sweets in general just don't seem worth it to eat because they are just empty points. It is really strange to me though that this has just come out of nowhere. I literally stood in front of the vending machine today and had to be talked down by some friends like a jumper on a ledge.
  • Katy, please click here.

I am offended by your suggestion, Katy.

I think we established yesterday that I support cross dressers, but I am not going to become one anytime soon. Now, that's not to say I'm above cutting an OBGYN in on my winnings.

I am rapidly becoming an old man. I haven't worked out since last Wednesday, when I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. That workout packs so much into so little time, but I'd prefer it was a few minutes longer with more warmup. The next morning I was showering when my neck popped. Today was the first morning that I woke up and it felt 100 percent better. I was stoked to start what I've decided to do until Insanity arrives: a rotation of Yoga-X and X-Stretch.

And then I realized I have a pain in a place I've never had a pain before: my left mid side/back. After half an hour of this feeling I remembered that I tossed all of my weights into a closet yesterday from a kneeling position (so the room could be painted.) This was probably the opposite of good form and I am paying the price. Even though that was probably stupid, I can't help but feeling like I'm getting old.

I am sure it will feel better in a day or two, but I hope it is totally healed by next week. I am going to want to do Insanity the moment it arrives.

Katy, tell you OBGYN I said that she's fired. She'll know what I mean.

Ocella - the ultimate FF sabotage

So I know I keep saying something isn't right with my body since starting my new Pill, wah wah wah, TMI... but I just researched it some more and I am finding TONS of women who are complaining that since starting this Rx, they are suffering from extreme insatiable hunger, bloating, and weight gain. One girl reported that she gained 20 pounds in three months.

Needless to say, I made an appointment to revisit my doc next week.

Which leaves me with 1 question: Did Bobby cross-dress and act as my OBGYN to prescribe me this fat pill?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working out...the kinks.

Bobby did a great job in Month 1 and certainly deserves his prize (which I have yet to award him with). I'm really proud of him for sticking to it and seeing a loss. (I finished UP .9 from my weight at the beginning of the month, which I'm still believing was because of my new pill.)

However, as Bobby mentioned, we've refined the FF system especially in terms of our goals. From Bobby's 9/15 starting weight to his 12/15 goal, he'd lose 8.17% of his body weight. From my first weigh in weight to my end goal, that's only 4.97%. So that didn't really make much sense. However, since Bobby lost such a nice chunk of weight in Month 1, his 2nd month (10/15) weight to his goal weight is only 4.55% away.

Therefore, I'm going to be basing my loss off of my Month 1 initial weight (with a goal of 4.97% loss), and Bobby's going to move forward from his weight at the beginning of Month 2 (working towards a 4.55% loss). This keeps us much more in line and on the same playing field.


I don't have anything to post about healthy eating and healthy living, because that's not a lifestyle I'm currently practicing. I worked 72 hours last week, including 9am Friday til 6pm Saturday (sleeping from 3am-7am Saturday)... and that meant a LOT of ordering in at the office. I tried to be as good as I could, but that doesn't mean much when you're ordering Virgil's BBQ and Blockheads, sustaining late night audio sessions with Snickers and Butterfingers...

Oh yea, remember the Former Fatties?

Hello faithful readers! Let's hope we haven't lost too many of you in our absense.

A lot has happened since we last blogged. Our Month 1 challenge ended on Thursday. I won after getting down to 162.8 (or was it 162.6? .4? Katy? I couldn't enter it into because it wasn't my weigh-in day.) Katy and I agreed to adjust the parameters of our contest. Katy will give you in more detail, but it essentially amounts to us starting fresh. That way our goals (by percentage) are much more in line with one another.

Today I weighed in at 163.6 (.8? Seriously what is wrong with my brain? Whatever it was, I DID enter it online, so 'tsal good.) That is a bit up from Thursday, but I'm honestly still really stoked about it. I think it is just part of the ebb and flow of the week. I am still down 1.8 lbs from a week ago, even though my weekend eating was just all over the map. I was particularly worried after yesterday, when I abandoned my Monday ritual of eating to perfection in favor of a Taco Bell lunch (yum) and a birthday dinner of beer and absolutely perfect wings at Mad for Chicken in honor of my world famous roommate Craig.

Perhaps the biggest news (at least what I am most excited about) is that I ordered the INSANITY workout. It is from Beachbody, the same company as P90X. I feel a litle bit like I am betraying my beloved P90X, but I think that after I finish Insanity, I will mix the two together so that I never get bored.

Insanity is similar in setup to the X, but it is almost entirely based off of Plyometrics and core work. Since Plyometrics and Core Synergistics are my favorite workouts, I think this may be more my syle. I feel like a champion after finishing them, never like a slacker, and I feel incredible the next day. With some of the other, more weight based workouts, I stop early in each move because I find them to be too much for me, but then when the workout is over I think that it is too easy. I think to do it right I'd need a much bigger variety of weights than I have; they are always too light or too heavy.

INSANITY uses no weights, and you essentially never stop moving. I think that will mean that it will make me more toned than jacked, but with these last few pounds to lose, that is probably perfect. I am obviosly terrified, but also excited to the point where I've been spending every free moment reading about people's experiences with it. It is so new that there is very little coverage of anyone's full journey, but the most indepth guy I found took the Fit Test (aka not even really a workout) and puked. He puked! Is it wrong that that made me even more excited to try it?

Someone else described it as taking P90X's Plyometrics workout, making it twice as hard, and doing it 6 days a week.

Here is the insanity trailer. My favorite moment is the woman in the background who sounds like she is being subjected to some sort of midieval torture device.

OK that was a really long post, but one more thing: Katy and I are having dinner tonight! I am even more excited for that then I am for INSANITY. I think it will be great to be able to talk and get our heads on straight, but mostly it us just going to be great to spend some time with a wonderful friend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is my progress (or lack thereof) from this contest.
  • 9/14/09: 168.8 lbs
  • 9/21/09: 164.0 lbs
  • 9/28/09: 165.6 lbs
  • 10/5/09: 165.0 lbs
  • 10/12/09: 165.4 lbs
I was really grateful to have lost .6 pounds last week because the week before that had been a total adjustment week for me and I had failed big time. I was inspired to kick butt for the next week, with the extra motivation of needing to work out like a crazy person in order to get all of my Whammies. By Friday morning I was back down to 164, tied with my low for the contest and a mere .2 pounds above my all time low. Most importantly, I felt freaking fantastic. At that rate I should have broken a personal record handily by this morning.

But I slept too late Friday morning to allow me to get two workouts in. And so, my hopes of getting all of my whammies this month were dashed. I'm annoyed with myself because I'm doing this for me, not for whammies and not for a bet. And yet, as soon as the whammie-motivation was gone all hell broke loose. I haven't worked out since then. I have had two sets of fast food and an entirely too large portion of a bag of Doritos. I've done shots all over Brooklyn. I went apple picking and got bored of apples, so I went on a mission to find greasy food, and succeeded. I could go on, but you get the idea.

I am trying to figure out how to break this cycle. Here are my thoughts:
  • I am starting P90X over. I lose faith in the X because I don't feel like I look any different. But then last week I finally did it for a few days in a row and I felt wonderful. I am going to start over again on Sunday. I want to do this right. That means doing it every freaking day, with the possible exception of Saturdays (the schedule says "Rest of X-Stretch.") Hopefully I feel so much better at the end of the first week that I never want to stop.
  • Sundays were a better weigh in day for me. I don't think I'm going to change my official weigh in day, but I'm going to keep my own chart of Tuesday (official weigh in), Friday, and Sunday. If I have to weigh in on Sunday, I will have to be good on Saturday. It used to work great for me.
  • Remember that the "I look/feel" awesome feeling goes away quicker than it comes. I have already been weighing in every Thursday or Friday. I have posted big losses from Tuesday every single week. I need to use these weigh-ins / skinny-appearances-in-the-mirror as motivation to do even better. On days like today, I feel like I can never get fitter. On days like that, I need to say, this is working, now burst through that wall rather than letting myself go.
  • The last time I broke a wall of a few pounds, everyone and their mother started telling me I looked great. I think I would start getting tons of remarks again were I to lose, say, 5 pounds. That is the best motivation in the world.
  • JUST PUSH PLAY. That is a Tony Horton-ism. I just need to freaking do my P90X. No excuses.
I am really trying to look at this as a breaking point. I must snap out of this pattern. Usually when I do a reset, that gives me a few days to make excuses. Not this week. Thursday is our big month 1 weigh in. Between now and Sunday's P90X restart, I think its time to visit with and old friend. Come on, Jillian. If anyone can turn me around, it is you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh shoot tomorrow is Tuesday.

I have realized recently that my diet essentially consists of me eating as much fiber and as little of anything else as possible on Friday. I was going to do that tomorrow. But then I realized tomorrow is TUESDAY.


I am thinking of changing my weigh in day back to Sunday. It kept me good on Saturdays. I think I could be good on Mondays without the pressure of weight in.

My battery is about to die. Expect a I-hate-this post tomorrow. Think I'll be too busy to socialize this coming weekend. Hopeful that will keep me on track for a whole week.


Monday, October 12, 2009

An easy reminder of why I gained the Freshman 15.. or 20..

K: "How was your weekend?"
B: "Fat fat fat fat fat"

That street definitely runs both ways. This weekend was my alumni weekend up at college. Although I felt like a cougar and way too old to be back on campus, I had a great time hanging out with my girlfriends (many of which I hadn't seen in a long ass time). I also had a great time visiting all of my favorite restaurants along the way, including my favorite authentic Italian deli (I DIE) and our favorite no frills diner (because everyone needs buffalo tenders at 2am, after housing a vodka soda, 3 Jager & Red Bulls, and 2 24oz Bud Light Limes. I am an animal.)

I'll inevitably see a gain on the scale tomorrow, since that's all I see these days. TMI ALERT. I started a new birth control pill a few weeks ago and I think I'm having really adverse affects to it. My boobs are SO sore (hugs hurt me) and I can't seem to lose any weight. In fact, I'd probably be significantly gaining if I weren't trying so hard to lose. It's really frustrating, but I can't afford my old pill anymore. Wah wah wah.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Forrest Gump Moment

Yesterday I (finally) woke up for my morning workout. I had done P90X Core Synergistics the night before (so much harder than I remember, but I guess its still my favorite.) I therefore wanted to leave P90X for the evening and just Beyoncercise (elliptical + vocal exercise, for our new readers.) On my way to the basement, the weirdest thing happened. I looked out and it was a beautiful morning, and so I just opened the door and ran.

It was my first ever outside run. It was kinda freakishly pleasant. Do you know how many dog owners and school children have already left the house by 7:30? I had no idea.

I ended up running between 2.5 and 3 miles, but I actually walked a bigger percentage of that distance than I would have hoped. Ever since Nikki called my legs jacked I've actually thought of them as in pretty good shape, but I experienced something I've never felt in my life: InstaSore. I had that "I worked my legs out SO HARD yesterday" feeling just about immediately after I stopped running. Or at least I thought I did, before I felt the sheer hell that is my legs this morning (OK...I love it...but I wish I wasn't walking funny.)

In response to KFC's post, as much as we don't want to admit it, we may be at the point where we don't actually lose very many pounds, but we do get way fitter. My P90X buddy and college roommate Will tried to convince me that this bet was a terrible idea because at this point if I put on muscle and lose a few pounds of fat I'll owe Katy a hundred bucks.

My response was that that may be true, but I can't do this without Katy. I have every intention of making her cry on December 15th, but if it turns out that I essentially pay her $100 for three months of motivation, I'd say that is money well spent.

I often weigh myself Friday mornings to see how I'm doing heading into the weekend. I am at 164, tied with my low in this contest and 0.2 pounds above my all-time post-infancy low (I had a dream that I adopted a baby last night. I was kinda sad when I realized it was a dream.) Like Katy, I finally feel fitter and thinner again. My goal for this weekend is to remember that the socializing I have planned for tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday is going to be super fun because of the people, NOT because I stuff my face. There is still a part of me that is holding out hope to break 160 by the 15th, but that would involve dropping 4 pounds in a week. Crazier things have happened, but again, I looked thinner and fitter than I ever have this morning, so no matter what the scale says, if I look even better next week, I'm so satisfied.

To conclude an already too-long post, I will share an awesome moment from this week. My new friend Marcia, upon learning that I had dropped so many LB's, said "No way! You look mad fly now!" Can we all agree to love her forever?

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I gained this week and I don't know why.

Instead of a whiny post, I'm going to turn it into a positive one. Although it's disappointing to see a number you don't like on the scale, I am feeling good about quite a few things:
  • I am working out a lot more than I used to.
  • I can semi-easily run 1.5 miles on the treadmill now. Considering a year or 2 ago that I wouldn't get off the elliptical or anywhere near a treadmill, this is a really big accomplishment for me.
  • Even better: after running the 1.5 (and walking another mile to warm up/cool down), I am feeling this slight urge to do more.
  • This week I've been really good about bringing breakfast and lunch to work- saving money and calories. I've been eating a lot of veggies and fruit, and getting my dairy requirement has been a cinch. HGs every day this week!
  • Contrary to what the scale says, I feel thinner. That could also be due to the fact that I haven't done laundry in a month and all my clothes are dirty/stretched out. Okay, so, maybe not thinner, but definitely fitter.

Speaking of feeling good, I wanted to share 2 YouTube videos:
This one I found really encouraging, and the little girl is adorable and the message is so true. I don't want my unborn children to feel the way I do.

And this one, well I just have to say 1. I LOVE IT and may or may not have watched it a few times already today, and 2. Bobby, get ready for the remaking (starring you) in 2010. Plus, I love that it took place on Fire Island because that's where I spend my summer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wakeup Fail

Music > Whammies

165.0, or 0.6 pounds down. Just under half of what I was hoping for, although I should be counting my lucky stars I didn't gain. I still haven't gotten lower than I did after my first week. What the hell kind of Former Fattie do I think I am?

The biggest problem for me in getting all of the Whammies is going to be that that will require waking up to exercise. I love working out in the morning SO MUCH MORE than at night. In the morning it feels like a great way to start the day. At night, it feels like this horrible onus. I am much more likely to complete the whole DVD in the morning...if I actually get up. So far, fail.

Tonight should have been no problem. It was the first time I was scheduled to do Core Synergistics, by far my favorite P90X DVD. I'm not sure why, I just love it. And I always feel great the next day. I was going to do it after dinner, and then go experiment with Abelton, this insane audio software. I decided to play with Abelton first. That was at around 8. It is midnight. I just forced myself to stop and go to bed. No whammie.

Holy crap I definitely have to go to bed since I apparently have to get Tripple Whammie 7 out of the next 8 days in order to get my bonus. If that doesn't get me to finally hit a new low I don't know what will.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

200 posts!

We've made it beyond 200 posts. This is, in fact, post 201. That's pretty cool.

I didn't weigh in this week because I slept at Alex's last night, but I'll weigh in tomorrow.

BoRo- how'd you do?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just for the record, I WILL be getting all of my Whammies this month.

Having a salad at some point in the day pretty much makes or breaks my HG's. I get a TON of greens and my healthy oil through the oil & vinegar dressing. I didn't have time to finish my salad at lunch today. If I had it at home, it would be too close to dinner. I didn't want to have it on the train out of courtesy to whoever ended up next to me on the train (in this case, a big dude in a suit who called me "buddy.) So clearly the only option was to eat it as I walked to Penn Station, pictured above.

My vocal session was cancelled so I get to work out tonight! The polls are in: I am heavy favorite to be elected Mayor of Whammieville.

Katy, Deputy Mayor of Whammieville, always does a better job at reporting specifically what she ate. In this most recent case, it read a bit like she was going to confession. If that is the only way to find redemption, I'm not missing out. I'll stick to the highlights:

WEDNESDAY: Two greesy, not particularly good slices of pizza.

THURSDAY: Arrived at some sort of burger shack. Saw sign that said burgers were buy one get one free on Thursdays. Made "thank God it's not Thursday or my fat ass would SO get two burgers" comment. Was informed that it was Thursday. The guy who took my order said, "bacon and cheese?" with a tone that signified he knew that the people who show up on Thursdays ALWAYS want bacon and cheese. Who was I to disagree.

FRIDAY: For a moment as I wrote this, I thought I was going to remember that I actually ate great on Friday, since I went to school and know how to eat at school. Finally remembered that I skipped the salad in favor of Chipotle.

SATURDAY: Went with vegetarian friend thinking he'd find a healthy place to eat. We found a panini restaurant. He got a vegetable panini. I got an enormous chicken parm hero.

I was invited to go out for a friend's birthday in Huntington, a 40 minute drive from me. I was glad that this drive would keep me from drinking too much. Then I realized Huntington is on my train line. Took the train. Encountered a bachelorette party who thought I was adorable. When strangers think I'm adorable, I do shots with them.

SUNDAY: Woke up hung over, as did my brother TJ, who was home for some freak reason. The combination of him being home and our matching hangovers caused us to get in the car and drive to Checkers with almost no discussion of the matter. I ordered a number 1. TJ ordered a number 3, which is the same as a number 1, but with bacon. I changed my order to a number 3.

My parents called just a I was getting hungry again to say that they were almost home from their weekend and were thinking if picking up Calegero's (in Garden City.) Whoever said "nothing tastes as good as being fit feels" has never had Calegero's chicken parm.

And there you have it. Today I've been great, but I'm always great on Mondays. The trick is going to be the rest of the week. No where to go but up...

Katy's weekend in review

My weekend in review:

Yeah, that just about sums it up. I made mud pie.

My college room mate, Kaitlyn, was visiting from Rochester. For some reason, Nikki and I associate her visits with massive over-eating. Usually lots of italian food and cupcakes and candy and just overall binging, which is interesting since we (okay, I) dictate it and Kaitlyn never really asks to eat all of these things. I just feel compelled, as a host, to feed her with all of the deliciousness that can be found in NYC.

This weekend was no exception, although we've definitely had worse.

Started off Saturday morning with brunch at a local Brooklyn Italian restaurant. Oh, I'm sorry, unlimited Mimosas with my brunch? Well, alright! 6 Mimosas and Eggs Florentine later, it's pouring out and we're trying to get home when we realize we need Eva to make us some zucchini bread if we're going to be sitting inside watching movies all day.

Get to the grocery store- we decided we also need to make chocolate-pumpkin muffins, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla-pumpkin pudding, and mud pie. We check ourselves into fatty rehab and settle on just the mud pie and zucchini bread.

So the rest of our day is spent in front of the TV (Sunshine Cleaning was a good movie until the end, and then it annoyed me. Like most movies do.) eating eating eating. For dinner, the girls went and got some more Italian food, for me that included pizza w/artichokes, mushrooms, peppers and other veggies, and a bit of spaghetti and a meatball.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Thank god this isn't Atkins.

Yesterday was our annual Fall Festival where we go pick apples/pumpkins/pastries. The day included eating 3 apples in the orchard, a gyro from the food court (from an Asian woman. They don't know how to make gyros and it was awful but of course I still ate it), an apple cider donut, and some apple cider. Went back to Kirsten's for girl talk and mud pie and buffalo wing chips. Brilliant.

No dinner. Also no exercise, save for my hiking through the orchard.

And a new week begins...

Holy crap it is October 5th.

Sup fatties?

It's that time of the month again! I am completely off track. As has been extremely well documented on this blog, once I start doing poorly, I just lose it. I have no excuse, only a chance to do better.

I think after last week's gain, I lost a bit of the I-can-do-this feeling. That is crucial for staying motivated. It is my stated goal to weigh in the 150s by October 15th. I am going to have to do everything within my power to make that happen.

I am SO glad that we changed up the whammies. I let last week's eating slide a bit because I was in an unfamiliar eating locale and just went with the group to whatever we could find for lunch. In order to get my bonus pounds now, I am going to have to get HG's every day, and workout twice most days. Intense.

Let it be noted that once again, I blogged less because I wasn't doing as well. Blogging helps hold me accountable. I shall henceforth at least check in here EVERY DAY.

Here we freaking go.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Just doing my job.

I don't feel like I have all that much to say, really, but knowing that I have a weekly post quota to fill, here I am.

This week has been going alright, I'm staying- somewhat- within points, and getting my exercise in. I have a new gym buddy named my boyfriend so that is encouraging, even though sometimes I feel like I am yelling at him like I am Jillian Michaels. However, yesterday even though I said "this is going to be a quick workout," I set a personal record. I ran 1.5 miles (walked another .75) in 25 minutes. I know that's still slow, but I don't think I've ever ran over 1 mile in a workout. I hate running. Yesterday I felt so good though, I just kept going!

I've also been really, I mean REALLY, into baked potatoes lately. I've had three this week, including one just now for lunch, and yesterday for dinner. Good thing this isn't the Atkins diet. Okay, wait, riddle me this: On the points tracker "baked potato, plain, large" comes in at 3 points. And then "Wendy's baked potato, plain" comes in at 5. W-T-F? I didn't put anything on it (except some S&P, and some of my chili). I'm calling it at 3 points.

Pretty sweet 8 point lunch from Wendys. Cheap (only $4.37 and those were city prices), and a LOT of food (I'm so full!): Small chili w/o cheese (4), baked potato plain w/o butter (3, god damnit), side salad with fat free French dressing (1). I was actually embarrassed to be carrying such a big bag back to my office full of 'fast food'.

Shit. I just realized I was doing my 1 week vegetarian experiment, kinda-sorta-without-even-really-trying-to. But I just blew it with the chili. Oh well- Pretty wild that all week that's the only meat I have eaten, without making any sacrifices.

Um, what else... well, I told Bobby this already but I just purchased the main component of my Halloween costume: a shiny, one-armed, blue leotard. One size too small. And that last part wasn't necessarily on purpose, but it's all they had. Needless to say, I'm counting on this contest to do me right since I won't be wearing much else come October 31. Not unveiling just yet what we're being, but do you have any guesses?

How I did yesterday.

It was Thursday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


An interesting day has come when I turn down plans to drink with 2 separate groups of very good friends, because I've had a bad day and all I want to do is... work out !?

I'm turning into one of the people I hate, and I don't hate it.

Katy's whammie count

I have 12.

I'm on your heels, Rowe.

Its Whammie Time.

October 1st, ladies and gents!

My eating was a big ole fail today, so I have one less Whammie then I was planning. I DID work out at 11:45 PM though. Booooyah.

So that leaves me with 14 (15 would have sounded so much better.) I thought I'd be further along at this point, but I guess it just means I have to kick all kinds of Whammie for the next 15 days. With 25 needed for my bonus, that basically means 1 every day and 2 on two-thirds of the days. That is so completely doable.

Aight Katy, show us what you got.