Monday, October 5, 2009

Just for the record, I WILL be getting all of my Whammies this month.

Having a salad at some point in the day pretty much makes or breaks my HG's. I get a TON of greens and my healthy oil through the oil & vinegar dressing. I didn't have time to finish my salad at lunch today. If I had it at home, it would be too close to dinner. I didn't want to have it on the train out of courtesy to whoever ended up next to me on the train (in this case, a big dude in a suit who called me "buddy.) So clearly the only option was to eat it as I walked to Penn Station, pictured above.

My vocal session was cancelled so I get to work out tonight! The polls are in: I am heavy favorite to be elected Mayor of Whammieville.

Katy, Deputy Mayor of Whammieville, always does a better job at reporting specifically what she ate. In this most recent case, it read a bit like she was going to confession. If that is the only way to find redemption, I'm not missing out. I'll stick to the highlights:

WEDNESDAY: Two greesy, not particularly good slices of pizza.

THURSDAY: Arrived at some sort of burger shack. Saw sign that said burgers were buy one get one free on Thursdays. Made "thank God it's not Thursday or my fat ass would SO get two burgers" comment. Was informed that it was Thursday. The guy who took my order said, "bacon and cheese?" with a tone that signified he knew that the people who show up on Thursdays ALWAYS want bacon and cheese. Who was I to disagree.

FRIDAY: For a moment as I wrote this, I thought I was going to remember that I actually ate great on Friday, since I went to school and know how to eat at school. Finally remembered that I skipped the salad in favor of Chipotle.

SATURDAY: Went with vegetarian friend thinking he'd find a healthy place to eat. We found a panini restaurant. He got a vegetable panini. I got an enormous chicken parm hero.

I was invited to go out for a friend's birthday in Huntington, a 40 minute drive from me. I was glad that this drive would keep me from drinking too much. Then I realized Huntington is on my train line. Took the train. Encountered a bachelorette party who thought I was adorable. When strangers think I'm adorable, I do shots with them.

SUNDAY: Woke up hung over, as did my brother TJ, who was home for some freak reason. The combination of him being home and our matching hangovers caused us to get in the car and drive to Checkers with almost no discussion of the matter. I ordered a number 1. TJ ordered a number 3, which is the same as a number 1, but with bacon. I changed my order to a number 3.

My parents called just a I was getting hungry again to say that they were almost home from their weekend and were thinking if picking up Calegero's (in Garden City.) Whoever said "nothing tastes as good as being fit feels" has never had Calegero's chicken parm.

And there you have it. Today I've been great, but I'm always great on Mondays. The trick is going to be the rest of the week. No where to go but up...

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