Friday, December 11, 2009

Okay, okay.

Things are hectic and I have completely lost control over my life. Blogging has been the last thing on my list, far below things like Christmas shopping, working a lot, shooting a commercial with a celebrity, kids & dogs, planning a really big 25th birthday party for myself, prepping to go away for business all next week, Florida after Christmas, and well, pretty much shoving anything and everything into my pie-hole with little regard for healthy choices. And god forbid I get myself to a gym now and then.

Not that I am making excuses, because I genuinely believe that you should ALWAYS make it a priority to take care of yourself. I haven't been doing so awful, by the American standard, but for me it hasn't been my best.

So Bobby, I accept your proposal. I'm happy (and a little bit relieved) to call this round a wash. I know it wouldn't be a true representation of what either of us can do. I honestly think if I got on the scale in a couple days for a final weigh in, I'd be relying completely on luck and fate.

I also find it MUCH easier to lose weight in the first half of the year, so Bobby, I look forward to joining forces again in 2010.

Until then, pass me the cookies.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back from the dead.

I can't really blame Alex for declaring this blog dead in the comments section of my last post, what with the complete lack of posts and the fact that I have turned into a crippled tornado of a man, devouring everything in my path.

By some miracle though, I'm actually not doing that poorly. I had been positive that I would be above my 162.x starting weight at the conclusion of this bet. Before my shower yesterday, I noticed I was actually looking somewhat trim, so I got on the scale. I only weighed 161.8!! Hoooray!

I was so inspired (and back to feeling like I had a chance) that I decided to eat great all day. So I had two pieces of leftover chicken parm for breakfast, ten Chips Ahoy with (skim!) milk for lunch, and a monstrous burrito from Chipotle for dinner.

So this morning should have been a disaster, right? No! 161.2!

I am nervous because I am going to be so hella busy for the next week, but my only theory as to why I am still not gaining is how busy I've been. I haven't been doing Insanity (failure) but last week I was more exhausted from standing all day in the vocal booth singing every single vocal part of Bohemian Rhapsody (and tripling each) than I've ever been from a workout. And I walk or stand the while time I'm working.

My biggest challenge moving forward is going to be working from home. When I am home alone I automatically go into some sort of secret fattie mode from my youth. I sneak cookies. I get fast food. So, here are a few promises I need to make myself to make sure this next phase if my life is actually my healthiest, as it has the potential to be:

-No matter how excited I am in the morning to get downstairs and back to whatever track I've been working on, I need to eat breakfast. Working on music is probably the only thing that makes me forget to eat, and when I inevitably remember, it turns into a binge (without a purge.)
-Stock the house with a variety of healthy lunch options. If I have to go out and get food, the majority of my options (or at least what I'll likely choose) are no good.
-It is necessary to take breaks when mixing so that your ears stay healthy and to give yourself perspective. What a perfect opportunity for me to do Insanity, and then go for a walk or a bike ride.

I hope this post is long enough to make up for all the posts I haven't posted (I actually opened up my blogging app to find a very long, and somewhat crucial post that I never hit "upload" on. Oh well. One final thought...

I think that the first half of the year may be a much easier time to lose weight than the second. Last year I lost almost 20 pounds by midsummer and then didn't lose another pound until Katy and I started the bet. I think in the summer we are too busy enjoying our newly achieved hotness and in the fall/ early winter any shirtlessness is so far away it is hard to develop a sense of urgency. Throw the holidays and the holiday parties in there and we are lucky to not reverse app of the beginning of the year's progress.

So...I think I am proposing that we declare this portion of the Former Fatties a wash and refocus our efforts on being god(dess)like in Fire Island /Hanpton Bays next summer. Why say you, Katy? If you want to leave things as they are, I enthusiastically look forward to stealing your crown. If not, let's renegotiate in 2010.

Off the train, no time to proofread, sorry.