Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun with digital scales!

"I just pooped .4 pounds!" -T.J. Rowe, apparently enjoying the new addition to our bathroom

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forever Former

Today really begins the true test of The Former Fatties. With no deadline in sight, it is easy to let our good habits slip away and our pounds slowly (or maybe quickly) return. I've been holding out on sharing this until after the contest was over, but this is what I looked like in January 2008, just over a year after my last contest:

Not pretty. Damn near Swamp Thing, actually. This can never happen again. Never. Maybe it is because I lost, but I really am not experiencing the "Its OK to let myself go a little, I look great!" that I did last time. The interesting thing about that is that I'm about 15 pounds below where I was then. It could also be that the summer is starting, so standards are raised. Or I just have learned from that mistake. Either way, I have a plan...

As of yesterday, I am officially registered to compete in my first triathlon on August 31st. Last summer, I had really gotten into the idea of being a triathlete. I swam all through childhood and on my high school team, I had just bought a bike, and running was becoming part of my fitness ritual. Still, when I actually looked into it back then, I knew it was too much for me.

Well not any more. I'm REALLY looking forward to having a fitness goal that does not involve the scale or a specific body fat percentage. The race is a 1km swim (in open water), 15 km bike ride, and a 3 mile run. That roughly translates to 0.6, 9, and 3 miles, respectively. Its in just over 3 months. We all know how much we can change ourselves in just a few months, so I really can't wait.

Good news is, my ankle really doesn't hurt anymore. Bad news is, I am limping due to a cut on the bottom of my foot I got while jumping out of a kayak in Lake Katy. All in the name of victory though, Katy's and my team won handily.

I told Katy this weekend that out of spite I was going to do everything I could to make sure that she had to go on her victory shopping spree at Dress Barn WOMAN. Now that the Post-FF weekend is over, I'm back to supportive mode. We can do this KFC!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Katy, The Champion.

After months of buildup, The Former Fatties Weight Loss Contest ended in a well-documented instant, and then Katy and I quickly rocketed off (on the LIRR) to a long weekend filled with activities. It was so busy that it now feels like the contest ended forever ago, but we haven't stopped to pay tribute to the reason we're all here: Katy, your Former Fatties Champion.

I snapped the above shot (Lady Liberty, 2009) when I was at Katy's house this weekend and just thought...dang...Katy is SO HOT! I just had to document it. There has always been an undercurrent of superficiality to this contest, so lets just get it out of the way. Katy: hottie.

What has been so incredible about FF is that it has become much more than its superficial premise. In pursuit of victory Katy has proven herself to be everything that a champion should be (in a Disney Movie.) She's worked her ass off. She's refused to give up. She's avoided temptation. She's been an incredible friend. She's made those around her better versions of themselves. And she's been hilarious to watch. Essentially what I'm telling you is, Katy is all of the Mighty Ducks combined.

Early on, I began to feel that simple biology may have given me the advantage over my female competitor. Honestly, I still believe that. Katy won because she looked biology in the eye and said "suck it, I'm Katy The Champion." There is no way I could ever feel disappointed by the outcome of this contest, based on Katy's reaction in the video of the announcement alone. I'm so lucky to have gotten so close to Katy so quickly, especially since I learned this weekend that when Katy makes friends, she holds on to them. [I also got the chance to meet Jean Dog and Alex "You can call me Al...but only if I can call you Bob" Hill. It was a slightly out of body experience since I'd kinda forgotten that we weren't already old friends at this point. They were well worth the wait.]

So once again, I speak on behalf of the entire Former Fattie community when I say, congrats Katy, you've earned it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Settle down.

Well, since winning, I just want to run you guys through what I have eaten:

bagel with cream cheese, iced coffee, 5 mini banana bread muffins, chocolate chip cookies, Pop chips, turkey wrap with swiss and honey mustard, berries, grapes, buffalo chicken wrap with extra blue cheese, belgian fries, a pitcher of white sangria, mint chocolate chip italian ice...

Oh, that was just yesterday.

Today, trying to get back on track (HA!): egg whites on whole wheat toast, iced tea (unsweetened, with 1 Splenda), an apple, Taco Bell bean burrito, some Mountain Dew, some crackers, and am about to go to dinner with my parents and Alex and I think I'm going to have a cheeseburger...

And tomorrow's my BBQ, where I plan to eat at least 1 dozen hot dogs and my weight in potato salad.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is:
Bobby Rowe, please don't ask for a re-call.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The blind leading the blind.


Well Bobby, that is a shame. And I totally hear you - my clothes straight up don't fit (99% of the time leading to an emotional breakdown 15 minutes before I am supposed to leave my house). Even my bras (sad) and underwear - too big. I started this contest as a size 10/Large, now I am a size 6 and have been buying shirts Medium/Small. To be honest, I never thought I'd see a size 6, EVER, and now that I am, I'm motivated to see if I can get into a 4 by the end of the summer. How insane would that be? Pretty sure my bone structure wouldn't even let that happen.

So either way, it's going to be nice for one of us, when the loser (Bobby) pays for a $150 shopping spree for the winner (me).

Stay tuned tonight... Bobby and I are having a sleep over so that we can weigh in together first thing in the morning. I'm 100% sure there will be multiple videos made throughout the night, as right now we are chatting about tonight and it seems unsure whether we'll do P90x in my 100 degree apartment all night, or just get wasted and dehydrate ourselves for maximum weight loss tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I mean at this point I might as well blog right on to the finish line.

I've been going through all of my clothes to consolidate my apartment and my home bedroom. I really thought that I used to be a Large, but apparently almost all of my sweaters were XL's. I guess the same was true for all of my clothes I've just been gradually replacing them.

Again, I don't want to wind up a Small, but if I get rid of all of my XL and L clothes, I'm not going to have very many at all. 

If only there was a way to get someone to buy me a new wardrobe...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Former Fatties...forever?

I was just reading Katy's post as well as taking a trip down blog-memory lane. Remember when we used to post everything we ate? Remember when Katy revolutionized it by using screen caps? As crazy-diligent as that sounds...remember how much weight we lost?

Katy's post really drove this point home for me. The choices she made this week were nothing short of incredible. We were just discussing how much better you always end up feeling when you make good choices, but KFC (the "C" stands for "Champion") raised an excellent point - why do we have to feel guilty when making less-than-great choices to the point of not enjoying them. I think this is where point counting really comes into play.

Lately I've been keeping track of my points, during the week at least, using a running total in my head. I use my phone to calculate points on the go. What I really should be doing is taking it one step further and tracking my points. ALL WEEK. This isn't to say that you can't let yourself go, this is to say that you can "let go" without completely losing control and therefore not feeling guilty. You can have a lot of fun over a weekend with 35 points. By tracking all week, you know how many of those you have left, so you can have your beer or your fried oreos or your chipotle or your tequila or your cotton candy. And you can have a lot without going overboard, so you don't feel guilty. 

I think I'm going to get a food scale so that I can measure portions of my dinners at home. 

I've kinda expressed this before, but let me go on record as completely echoing Katy's post-FF fears. Its almost crazy to me how parallel our lives are, straight down to the summer. When I'm at the beach house, I just eat like I'm on vacation. I'm relatively OK with eating like you are on vacation when you are actually on vacation, not when its 3/7 days for a quarter of the year. Again, this brings me to the age old (earlier this blog) question: is it worth it if you can't even enjoy yourself? Did I work this hard to eat corn on the cob with no butter all summer? Hopefully, I'll just be good (AND TRACK) all week, so that I can drink 35 points each Saturday night. 

But through it all, ups and downs, great choices and hangovers, weeks where I accidentally don't work out and the day my sixpack becomes visible, I'll be keeping you posted. My somewhat crazy plan to have a sixpack by my birthday is a lifelong dream but also an attempt to bridge the gap between this contest and the real world. I think I've mentioned before that I've competed in (and won...duh) a contest like this before. It ended, I had a life change (started senior year) and stopped working out / paying attention to what I ate. Two months later, I was still about the same weight, so my guilt subsided. A year later I was the fattest I'd ever been in my life. Like Jabba fat (there will be photographic evidence of this after this bet ends). It was devastating and will not be happening again. 

Unless of course I find a cotton candy man between my house and my car. 

3, 2, 1...

There are only 3 days left.

I'm sitting here eating my pseudo-parfait (Trader Joe's 0% fat Greek yogurt-Pomegranite flavor, fiber one, and mixed berries), reading Bobby's latest entries and realizing just how close we are to the end.

It is crunch time and I am trying SO hard to be good this week and really end on a strong note. This weekend I tried to start my good habits, and let me tell you, it was difficult. However, these are the incredible, SO not me, choices I made:
- At the bagel place Saturday morning, I got egg whites on wheat toast. Not an everything bagel with cream cheese, which was all I wanted.
- We opened my beach house on Saturday, and I didn't drink. This may seem like a non-sequitor, but you have to understand it's impossible for me to be on Fire Island and not drink. We even had a liquor store on Long Island ship over a bottle of Grey Goose for my family to enjoy... as we cleaned the blinds and swept the floors... in broad daylight... (alcoholics?)
- On Sunday, there was a MASSIVE street fair on 5th Ave by my house, stocked with all my favorites - fried Oreos (<3<3<3), sausage & peppers, hot dogs, these grilled cheese sandwiches from heaven made with corn bread and mozzarella, etc. What did I have? Corn on the cob. NO BUTTER.
- Sunday night, went out for Mexican, wanted a margarita so bad or at least a Sangria, but I had seltzer.

Oh also, I discovered this little miracle at TJ's that I had for dinner last night and were so good. They are Chicken Cilantro Won-Tons, or maybe Dumplings. Yeah, dumplings. They are 50 cals, .5g fat, and 1g fiber for 4. They're tiny, and so low in points, I had 2 servings last night. Sprinkle a little Parmesan on those bad boys...DELIGHT. They are in the freezer section.

Okay I have to verbalize my feelings and fears of this contest being "over". Every year, I lose some weight in anticipation of the summer season. Then, it comes, and I'm like "yeah, I lost some weight, beers and hot dogs all the time, it's okay!" and then I'm surprised why, come Thanksgiving, I'm 10lbs heavier than I was at Memorial Day. So that's why I don't want this to end. I mean, the contest obviously will, but maybe we can keep blogging? (And this isn't even my own request, as some of my friends have asked that we keep the blog alive forever.) Bobby, I agree, to achieve your dream of "summer gay fit" it may be a good idea to go on maintenance and just start exercising like some sort of work horse. You are already so skinny. Like, so skinny.

...I'm currently contemplating the cost-effectiveness of hiring a Cotton candy man/stand to sit outside Bobby's house for the next 72 hours...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Has Katy enlisted my mom?

I get Protein Plus Special K, since its slightly lower in points than your average Special K and has the word "Protein" in its name, which makes me think that I will be jacked if I eat it. My family eats regular Special K. They are both better than I would have thought before trying them, but are just distinctive.

So just moments ago, my mom is on the phone and I see that she's filled up one of those glass jars that you keep cereal in to keep it fresh. There is a bit that wouldn't fit in the jar, and I'm not having dinner for another half-hour at least, so I start nibbling on the excess. I am SHOCKED by how much more delicious regular Special K is than Protein plus, so I take a few more bites. 

Then I got confused as I remembered the last time I tried regular Special K and found that it wasn't any better than Protein Plus. 

You know what is a lot better than either flavor of Special K though? Frosted Flakes. Which I had apparently been shoving in my mouth for several minutes. 

In Brief...

Quick thoughts before I go back to studying. 
  • Saturday I (OK, weirdly) said to my brother, "Look at my belly!" while lifting my shirt. He said, "Well let me see when you're not sucking it in." But I wasn't sucking it in...I was pushing it out!
  • As of yesterday I was still furious about my ankle. I haven't done much out of bed today, but it seems to be way better. I won't be running on the treadmill this week but I should be able to work out after all. 
  • I did manage to do P90X's 15 minute ab workout yesterday. I LOVE how much better you feel / look in the mirror the morning after a good workout, even if its just abs. 
  • Obviously everyone's body is different, but I just found out that the one summer Craig worked out all the time and got jacked (he's normally thin), he weighed more than I do now. He's less than an inch taller than me, so I've really realized I don't need to lose any more weight. I think I need to build muscle and the last fat will take care of itself. To do that you apparently need to eat A LOT (poor me.) I'm thinking that after the Former Fatties is over, I'll re-take the points quiz but select "Maintain My Weight." I'm also going to count my workout points and drink Whey Protein shakes with the extra points I get. I'm hoping that just about evens out, but I'd be very interested in hearing Katy's theory on this.
Friday? Seriously?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


During my previous bouts with exercise (2004 & 2007) I would always end up taking a few weeks to not work out because my knee hurt or my shins hurt or my ankle hurt or SOMETHING. I guess I didn't realize until today that I have not had anything close to an injury this entire competition. That is probably because I started working out last year, slowly. That really is the key, ease into each workout (through a good warmup) and ease into working out in general by starting out almost embarrassingly easy. 

So you can imagine my frustration today why my ankle started hurting for no apparent reason. And got worse. And currently hurts to just walk on. I have no idea whatsoever I did to it, but I suspect foul play. 

I'm sure Katy is a little tipsy tonight, as it is her Bestie's birthday. She shouldn't feel bad though; I've had 3 cheeseburgers in the past 48 hours. 

I'm not sure who paid my friend from school to tell me how good the shakes were at the burger joint we were at last night, but I have my suspicions. 

Finally, when we left the burger place to go to a bar, I was proud to just be having water because I realized I had already over done it. But...then it happened. At this very classy bar, the waiter walked by with a plate of fresh cotton candy the size of a beach ball.

I guess I've never spoken about it on the FF, but cotton candy is my greatest weakness. Good God it is delicious. I'd love to say I resisted, but...

Notice the size in comparison to my (very large) head.

I'm glad I didn't reveal this weakness until so late in the bet. All that Katy would have had to do to ensure victory was put cotton candy somewhere in my line of sight each day and I would have finished this contest looking like...I dunno something fat and witty. Its 2:15 and I'm just blogging because Katy took that tequila shot a week ago. I just proofread this post and I use the same 3 phrases in 80% of the sentences, and the other 20% don't even make sense. Still, side-of-the-deal upheld.

Night peeps. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My dream, Katy's nightmare.

When I weighed myself this morning, the result was almost two pounds less than I weighed in at yesterday,  so I weighed myself about 7 different times in seven different locations. The result was always identical. As of this morning, I have officially lost 40 pounds from my high (NOT from the start of this bet.) I've been rounding up for a while, but its nice to make it legit. 

The difference between yesterday and today means that this could easily change tomorrow, so I have no intention of taking it for granted, but still, its a little crazy how a number that is arbitrarily round has completely changed my outlook. My plateau is broken and the amount I have left to lose is laughably small compared to what I've already lost. 

So this post is conveniently serving the dual purpose of giving me the opportunity to thank Katy for her enormous role in the accomplishment and of scaring the shit out of her. 

I'm not sure if this is my worst nightmare or dream fantasy.

8,000 calories in a (quadruple) burger?!
No diet coke?!?
French fries cooked in straight lard?!!

What I wrote instead of a blog tonight.

A letter to my State Senator! More info here.

Senator Hannon,

You and I have had very similar lives. We are both graduates of Fordham University. We both received Marianist educations on Long Island (yours from Chaminade, mine from Kellenberg.) Both of my parents grew up in your hometown of Garden City, and I grew up just blocks away in Hempstead. In fact, we even both voted for you in the 2008 election (although I will admit, I hadn't really been following the race, but my grandmother, who I was helping to the polls, whispered "Vote for Kemp Hannon" into my ear before we split up to go to our respective booths.) 

I plan to, like yourself, marry a person with whom I share a mutual love and respect and return to my hometown with that person to raise a family. Unfortunately, despite our similar backgrounds, New York State does not give me the same rights that it gave you. 

When I came out as gay last year at the age of twenty two, I was overwhelmed by support from friends and family, but there was one phone call in particular that I will never forget. My grandmother called me and said that she had heard "my news." "Don't give it another thought," she said. "Be happy."

What my grandmother understood was that being gay is just a small part of who I am, and that I shouldn't have to be defined by it or live my life worrying about it. I'm a musician, a student, a friend. I'm a brother with the funniest, most loving siblings in the world. I get a craving for pizza at some point every single day. Most people don't think that I have a Long Island accent until I (apparently) mangle the word "drawer." I have the same brown eyes as my mom and my skin is so fair that I worry about getting sunburned walking from my house to my car. I didn't chose any of these things, but they all make me who I am. I would love being gay to be just another of these traits, but instead it is the one thing about me that causes my state to single me out as different. For as long as New York denies me basic rights, I can't ever be at peace enough to just "not give it another thought." I can never just "be happy." 

I've read your statement that you have heard a lot of concern from people in our district about the gay marriage bill. You say that they "aren't anti-gay," they are just in defense of "traditional marriage." Fortunately, we have grown more accepting as a nation over our history. It was only a few decades ago that people who happened to be born with different skin colors couldn't be legally married in many states because it went against the idea of "traditional marriage." This is the civil rights fight of our era, and my generation is so overwhelmingly in support of gay rights that I know gay marriage in New York will be a reality in my lifetime. Still, with all of the momentum in the gay rights movement this year, I've began to have hope that it could be a reality for much of my grandmother's as well. 

Studies have shown that people are much more likely to support gay marriage if they know an openly gay person. That is why I would love to meet with you to discuss this issue. You are receiving vocal opposition from members of our district on this bill. Instead I'd like to offer quiet support. The thousands of other gay residents of Nassau County and I, as well as our friends and family, don't want to have to fight. We just want gay people to be able to pursue the same dreams that straight people take for granted every day. 

While my schedule gives me more availability in the mornings, I would gladly adjust it if there was any time you could give me. Thank you, and best of luck.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah fuck.

Leave it to Bobby to make me totally emotional about this contest. I texted him this last night but I figured I might as well let America know that I am so proud of Bobby and that this contest is one of my favorite things I have ever done. Given my naturally almost-to-a-fault competitive nature, the best way for me to do something is when I am doing it with/against someone, and I think Bobby was the best person to do this with.

We are such great friends, but (unfortunately) don't see each other enough to hate each other before the end of it (which I fear might happen if 2 girl friends were doing this). He is the perfect combination of supportive while still continuously lighting a fire under my ass. And we have the same lifestyle, so it makes it totally, absolutely feasable to do this together. We both, in all honestly, really weren't that overweight when we started, we both work (worked?) in advertising so we know the social/calorie-destructive part of the job, neither of us seem to love working out all that much but we do it anyway. It is just a really good balance and I am so appreciative of that night Bobby took me on a date back in January and we thought to do this.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Bobby, its funny you mention being friends at 40 because I was thinking a similar fact this morning: How much fun I am going to have with you at my wedding some day. Just WAIT til they play the Cha Cha slide. Or the Marcarena...forget about it.

A Deal Is A Deal

I am not going to accept Katy's extremely generous offer to count my whole Whammies. It wouldn't be fair because she held up her end of the deal and took a tequila shot that she would have had the willpower to resist had I not agreed. I do agree with her though, Alex must totally be trying to sleep with me now. And who could blame him?

I think that my post this morning was mopey and then optimistic, but ultimately, that combination (I'm still fat but hope to be fit some day soon) sells short what we've already achieved.

We can both look at ourselves and see nothing but skinnyfat, but we have come far. Katy weighs less than she ever has in her adult life. I'm pretty sure I'm either tied or below the lowest weight I remember being, which was at 16. I'm not sure if that counts as adult or not but I was fully grown so...sure. We are fitter than we have even been. I've lost nearly as much weight in the past three months as I did in all of last year, the entirety of which I spent actively trying to weight.

Most importantly, for the first time in my entire life (I can only speak for myself but would imagine Katy would share a similar tale) I just looked at a chart and found that I'm in a healthy weight range.

I know that had it not been for Katy, I would be creeping back to my highest weight, and eventually beyond it. I used to worry about what I would look like when I was 40...because if I was 50 pounds overweight at 22, what the heck would be as my metabolism slowed down? Now my biggest worry is if my body looks too tiny for my head. So...yea I'm going to be completely over the top here and say Katy saved my life. Katy is the reason why my kids won't have to worry about not having a dad. Or I guess about only having one dad.

This bet has pretty much solidified the already increasingly likely fact that Katy and I are going to be friends when we're 40. And we're going to look gooooooood. We'll have the bodies of hotties, but the charm of fatties. People might actually talk behind our backs out of jealousy, which is pretty much all that I've ever wanted out of life.

I still plan to blog tomorrow but there is a good chance that I am so busy at school and then so completely mind/emotion fucked by the Lost finale that I don't end up doing it. Please observe that it is damn near 2 hours into Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky 7

1. This is our 100th blog. HAPPY 100th BLOG, FATTIES!
2. I have decided (and mostly because of the guilt trip that Alex laid on me last night), that I am not going to hold Bobby to only half his whammies from this point forward. They should all count. Fair is fair, and Alex "doesn't want any more of me crying in the car like I did last time."
3. Alex, who's team are you on? Who are you sleeping with at night?
4. As long as no one rigged my scale, as of this mornings weigh in, I am the lowest I have ever been in my adult life.
5. I can't let this get to my head with only like 10 days left, because that's when I get fat again.
6. When Bobby turns into Hulk and his muscles outgrow the shirt he wore on Saturday, I am calling dibs on it.
7. Thank you K. Holden for the pictures!

If you make me blog every day when I'm not eating that much, some posts are going to be mopey.

I'm pretty discouraged this morning. Not in terms of the bet, per se--I still hope to / plan on destroying the lovely Katy next Friday--but I think I realized this morning that no, I will not have a 6 pack by Memorial Day. In fact, I'm probably another 15 pounds away from a 6-pack. Or maybe I just need to gain a lot of muscle and lose a bit of fat. Either of those options just sound like so

I know the fact that someone who was 50 pounds overweight a year and a half ago is now taking to the internet to blog/bitch about not having a six-pack is a little ridiculous/obnoxious. I think I just feel like I keep running into people (particularly in the last week between being on LI and having my party) who are saying things like "Where did you go?!" but I'm still going to get to the beach and feel flabby.

OK. Enough moppiness. What the FF has made me realize is the importance of short, medium, and long term goals. So, here are mine:
  • Short term: I need, once again, to replace my scale. The new one broke in the exact same way as the old one. I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me sooner, but I realized while writing this post that every period that I had in which I lost a big chunk of weight I was weighing myself religiously every Sunday. There is something about weighing yourself every week that really holds you accountable. You can work to lose a half a pound or a whole pound or close to two pounds, but in just 7 days, any of those is an achievement, and a month later it really really ads up. One of my neighbors lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers recently. She has nothing left to lose, but she still weighs herself (more than) every week. I think I should weight myself every week for the rest of my life.
  • Medium term: This is a big proclamation. Today is two months from my birthday. We've proven that lives can change in two months. On my birthday, July 12, 2009, I will have a sixpack. At the very least, visible abs. I need something ambitious but obtainable on the horizon beyond the FF finish line or I will be 205 by August.
  • Long term: I'd like to eventually find the balance where I can go out, have fun, enjoy the fruits of my labor, and yet not completely throw it all away all the time. Easier said than done. The party this weekend made me realize though that I love having parties because I have a crazy number of awesome people in my life, and I love surrounding myself with them. I would have had MORE fun had I not been completely shitfaced beyond all recollection. Only took me close to 24 years to figure this out, but better late than never.
The Former Fatties is in its most intense, down to the wire stage, but its also time to prepare for the road ahead. Any co-bloggers of mine have goals?

Monday, May 11, 2009

We are rapidly approaching our hundredth post.

In case you were wondering if I was losing motivation, I had to have someone take a picture from this weekend off of Facebook because my gut was hanging out.* 

Mia Farrow apparently didn't eat for 12 days because she was fasting for Darfur. The doctors told her if she fasted any longer she would start having seizures. With 11 days left, its good to know I could just stop eating until this thing is over without fear of seizing.  

*I'm not sure how many people I told this...but my shirt this weekend...was a Small. I still have shirts in my closet that are XL's. I don't really want to be a small, so hopefully I'll magically start getting jacked. AKA I joined the gym on LI. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A picture is worth 1,000 blog-words...

So here's 3,000:

  • Katy didn't take advantage of the fact that I was wasted as much as she took advantage of the fact that I love it when my friends are wasted. I would do far more than sign away half of my remaining Whammies to get Katy to do another tequila shot. 
  • I am finishing the bag of Fritos that I started for breakfast this morning as I blog this. Game on?
Finally, please allow us to compare these people:
To these. I am so proud of us. And Katy has always been and forever will be, so gorgeous. 

UPDATE: Special thanks to FF reader K. Holden Rumph for taking these pictures.

Bobby and I sealed the deal.

I saw Bobby today. He was drunk, but also REALLY skinny. Apparently it's my turn to blog, as he aggressively mentioned to me when we asked him why he hasn't been blogging.

So here I am, blogging, to remind BoRo & America of a couple things:
  1. In exchange for the tequila shot Bobby made me do, I made him promise that only HALF of his whammies from this point forward will count.
  2. I also somehow made Bobby vow to blog every day for the next week, and he obliged.
  3. He actually said the words to me, "It's your funeral."
  4. ...and it very well might be.
  5. But that doesn't negate the fact that I absolutely take advantage of people when they're under the influence.
  6. At this point of the game, I think I am going to channel my inner Coral from Real World Road Rules challenge. She always scared the shit out of me and fought like hell, but pretty much always won. Things may get ugly.

I took a "nap" from 8-10:30pm today and it really fucked up my sleeping pattern. I wish I was tired.

12 days. really? 12 days. How long is it that a human body can go without substenance?