Monday, May 25, 2009

Katy, The Champion.

After months of buildup, The Former Fatties Weight Loss Contest ended in a well-documented instant, and then Katy and I quickly rocketed off (on the LIRR) to a long weekend filled with activities. It was so busy that it now feels like the contest ended forever ago, but we haven't stopped to pay tribute to the reason we're all here: Katy, your Former Fatties Champion.

I snapped the above shot (Lady Liberty, 2009) when I was at Katy's house this weekend and just thought...dang...Katy is SO HOT! I just had to document it. There has always been an undercurrent of superficiality to this contest, so lets just get it out of the way. Katy: hottie.

What has been so incredible about FF is that it has become much more than its superficial premise. In pursuit of victory Katy has proven herself to be everything that a champion should be (in a Disney Movie.) She's worked her ass off. She's refused to give up. She's avoided temptation. She's been an incredible friend. She's made those around her better versions of themselves. And she's been hilarious to watch. Essentially what I'm telling you is, Katy is all of the Mighty Ducks combined.

Early on, I began to feel that simple biology may have given me the advantage over my female competitor. Honestly, I still believe that. Katy won because she looked biology in the eye and said "suck it, I'm Katy The Champion." There is no way I could ever feel disappointed by the outcome of this contest, based on Katy's reaction in the video of the announcement alone. I'm so lucky to have gotten so close to Katy so quickly, especially since I learned this weekend that when Katy makes friends, she holds on to them. [I also got the chance to meet Jean Dog and Alex "You can call me Al...but only if I can call you Bob" Hill. It was a slightly out of body experience since I'd kinda forgotten that we weren't already old friends at this point. They were well worth the wait.]

So once again, I speak on behalf of the entire Former Fattie community when I say, congrats Katy, you've earned it.

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