Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/28/09 and 7/29/09

First off... call-out: Bloggy Rowe, where are you?

Second... good past few days on my end. I guess I was really motivated by my positive weigh-in on Tuesday morning. That, plus my goal creeping up on me in just 9 days, plus my moral obligation to blog anything I put into my mouth.

Tuesday: 22 out of 20. No workout, but a nice sushi picnic on my roof with my best friend.
B: 6
1c Honey Nut Cheerios (3), skim (2), 1c cherries (1)

L: 7
Leftover mac + cheese with even more broc (6)
Coffee with skim (1)

D: 9
Avocado roll (5), TJs chicken cilantro dumplings (1), soy sauce (o)
Late night toasted Arnolds Thin with a tiny bit of PBJ on it (2)

Wednesday: 19 out of 20. Plus a really good workout. I may have dessert, but right now I'm stuffed.
B: 5
3/4c Honey Nut Cheerios (2), 1/2c Fiber One (0), 1c skim (2), 1c strawberries and blueberries (1)

L: 7
Whole wheat wrap (3), breaded chicken cutlet (4), grilled onion, sweet and hot peppers, tomato and red onion (0), honey mustard (0) [I fucking love Toastie's!]
Steamed broccoli and carrots (0)

S: 4
Chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven (2), handful of M+Ms (2)

D: 3
Grillers Vegan veggie burger (1), on an Arnolds Thin (1), with Laughing Cow (1), lettuce (0), tomato from the Farmers Market that couldn't have been riper (0), red onion (0), ketchup and of course hot sauce (0)
Leftover steamed broccoli thrown in the pan for a few minutes with a bit of minced garlic (0)

!!! I am so excited about my dinner. I really need to get a life. In the meantime, I realized Alex left his SLR camera here and I love (read: want) it. So, I decided to take pictures of my meal. (Like I said, I really need to get a life). But look how colorful... 3 points!

(yes, that's a copious amount of salt.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/27/09

Sometimes, I think to keep me in the land of the living after weekends like this past, the clouds part and a little light from heaven shines down on me when I step on the scale on Tuesday mornings. By the grace of God, Lord, our Saviour Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, I weighed in this morning at 136.6. That's 1.4 pounds less than last week, and, an all time low.

I'm not going to think of it as a fluke, because I did work hard at eating right for the better part of the week. I'm also not going to take advantage, and think that means I can eat 120-something points every weekend and still lose weight. Either way, it was great to see a loss and really motivating towards my mini-goal of hitting 135 by my vacation (August 7).

Yesterday: 19 out of 20 points, plus a workout at the gym.
B: 5
TJ's Raisin Bran aka horse oats with shriveled berries (3), skim milk (2)

L: 5
Salad from Cafe Metro, with tomatoes (0), mushrooms (0), red onions (0), beets (0), grilled chicken (2), egg whites (0), kidney beans (2), and vinegar (0)
An orange (1)

D: 9
Homemade mac and cheese (6) with broccoli (0)
Applesauce (1)
Pita chips and hot sauce, late night (2)

I made the macaroni and cheese myself (2 servings at 6 pts each):
4 oz of whole wheat rotini pasta
3 wedges of Laughing Cow, melted in a pot with
1/2 cup skim milk
salt, pepper, and a dash of cumin
2 cups of brocoli, steamed
2 tbsp of grated cheese on top

Basically, melt/make/mix the sauce and then once the pasta's cooked and the broccoli steamed, mix it all together. Easy breezy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/24-26/09

My ride on the Positive Progress Express Train came to an abrupt stop this weekend, where I pretty much crashed. I kept complaining about it (while simultaneously grazing non-stop), and Alex kept replying, "you really didn't eat that bad," but 20 points/day is REALLY easy to hit with breakfast alone. I need to stop going out to eat.

So let's just try and break it down, although I'm sure there'll be things I forget.

Friday: 39.5 out of 20. Fucking excellent.
B: 5.5
Being hungover, I NEEDED an egg sandwich. I stopped at the deli and tried to make it healthy.
Egg whites (1), turkey bacon(1.5), hot sauce (0) on a whole wheat bun (3)

L: 20 - again, there's my day in 1 meal.
Last minute invite to go to 5 Napkin Burger with the little girl I babysit and her parents. Can't resist babies or cheeseburgers, so I went. I tried to find the happy medium between my tongue and my conscious and had the "inside out burger" which was bunless, 10oz of beef, wrapped in lettuce, with tomato, pickles and their "special sauce" which was glorified mayo.
I ate half the burger (6), all the accoutrements (0), the sauce (2), and fries (10)
And then I ate one of Charlie's chocolate chip cookies (2)

Late dinner with Alex after successfully finding him an apartment (!!!). We went to Babouche, in my hood, with intentions of going to smoke some hookah. We ate ourselves silly instead.
I started with a slice of bread and oil (3), we split beet salad and I believe the only points to come from possibly some more oil in the dressing (2), and I had some vegetable "tagine" aka more glorified goulash which was all veggies (2) with a tiny bit of cous-cous (2). Oh, and we split a bottle of red wine (5).

Saturday: 43 out of 20, and now I'm crying at my desk
B: 5
1 egg (2), mini cinnamon raisin bagel (2), Laughing Cow (1)

L: 7
Stopped at the park in the midst of bike riding for 1/2 of a focaccia from the Farmer's Market with tomato, basil and goat cheese on it (6), a nectarine also from the Farmer's Market (1)

S: 5
Continued riding. Stopped for a delicioooous creamsicle Italian ice (3) to refresh myself.

Came home and ate pita chips (2) with hot sauce (new fav snack)

D: 26
2.5 slices of pizza (20 - great, theres my day) and 3 cocktails (6)

Happy to at least get in a 5.5 mile bike ride through HILLY Park Slope. Although I am no Lance Armstrong, I sweat as though I'm competing in Tour de France...on my 1983 Schwinn.

Sunday: 31 out of 20. My "good" day.
B/L: 12
Egg white omlet (2, it was huge) with tomatoes and mushrooms (0) and feta (3), homefries (5), whole wheat toast (2)

S: 7
More pita chips and hot sauce (2)
Banana chips with nutella (3)
and a Corona (2)

D: 12
Wrap from Press 195.
Whole wheat wrap (3), turkey (2), veggies (0), Alpine Lace swiss (2), and jalapeno honey mustard (0). Some fries (3).
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert (2)

I did get in about an 8 mile bike ride to the water in Red Hook, so that might have taken care of some of the nonsense, hopefully. says 2 hours of "moderate" riding warrants 5 Activity Points, so I'd say I earned at least that.

Going to do better this week. Going to do better, or going to punch myself in the face repeatedly.

Weekend Fail.

I just weighed in at 166.6, two full pounds above where I was on Wednesday, and not even half way to my goal for the week.

Still, 1.2 pounds in a week ain't bad, I suppose, and when I zoom out and see my whole chart, you can see a clear drop, which I wasn't expecting. Apparently I also hit my 10% goal? They tell me that means that I'm not gonna get diseases. So, hooray for that.

This week is gonna kick last week's ass.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bobby's Menu - 7/26/09

31/29, but I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, so I'm calling it even. It was actually kinda fun! Twitter has told me that Katy out exercised me though, so I'm looking forward to her post.

Yogurt (2)
Banana (2)
Nature's Valley bar (3)
2 Turkey dogs on wheat (8) - I tried mustard to break my ketchup habit. Never again.
3 egg omlet with American Cheese (8)
1 serving Cool Ranch Doritos (3)
Whey Protein in skim milk (5, I think)

Don't hit me Katy.

So I didn't do great from Thursday - Saturday. Like, no idea what my points totals were bad. I'm going to have to get better though if I expect to make it through the summer. Katy always amazes me with her ability to go to industry parties and fancy restaurants and still come out with a points total. Next weekend I am possibly going on a roadtrip/party weekend. Should be quite the test.

On Friday I wanted Subway, but when I got there it was super crowded. I saw Burger King across the parking lot but instead decided to get a chicken sandwich from Wendy's instead. I've always heard those were the healthiest fast-food choices. When I got home, I learned that my meal had been 17 points! I should have just gone to Burger King.

I'm going to really try to break my fast food addiction. To help that along, here are the points values of what I like to get at each of my favorite fast food restaurants.

Reminder: I get 29 points a day.

Burger King
Pre-FF: Double Whopper w/ Cheese. Large Fries. (38...including 90 grams of fat!)
Now: Whopper Jr. w/ Cheese. Small Fries. (18. Hmm...I've been telling myself it was 15. Still horrible.)

Pre-FF: Baconator. Large Fries. (33)
Now: Homestyle Chicken Filet. Small Fries. (17)

Taco Bell
Pre-FF: 3 Chalupas (9 each - 27)
Now (Drunkenly in Penn Station last week at close to 4AM): 3 Chalupas, but before the 3rd one I said "No room at the inn!" out loud before eating it anyway (9)

Pre-FF: Double Champ with Cheese. Large Fries. (34)
Now: Champ with Cheese. Small Fries. (22)
Honestly though, I'm still gonna get the large fries. They are so fucking good.

Note that the "now" numbers are still way too high for a single regular meal. But I mean...bonus points?

Hmm. This has been an interesting exercise, mostly because I want to go to Checkers immediately. I also feel that Chipotle has been given a bad rap (by me) for its 37 point burrito. At least I feel like Chipotle is real food though.

Damn I want Checkers.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/23/09

Well, I'm hungover.

B: 3
TJ's honey Greek yogurt (2), 1/2 cup multi-grain Cheerios (1)

L: 4
1/2 serving Mexican goulash SO SICK OF IT (3), cherries (1)

...I'm going to mix it up next week, I swear. I realize I've had the same thing for B & L all week.

D: 13 (and in this case, "D" is for drinks, since dinner didn't really happen)
6 mixed drinks...I think - white sangria with strawberries, peaches and raspberries, and a vodka soda, and half a mojito (12), 2 baby turkey rollups with mustard (1), broccoli dipped in a tiny bit of ranch (1)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/22/09

B: 4
TJ's pomegranite Greek yogurt (2), multi-grain Cheerios (1), orange (1)

L: 6
1/2 serving Mexican goulash [I have enough to last all week], no added cheese (3), cherries (1), 2 Rolos (1), 2 Starbursts (1). Gotta stop with the candy.

D: 15.5
Rooftop party on top of the Roosevelt hotel, at Mad46. I had intentions of staying OP, but knew, realistically, I'd probably go over.
2 servings of Cabernet (3.5), "1/2" chicken quesadilla even though really it was 1/4- it was huge and I'm being honest (3), tortilla chips (3), guac (2), 1/4 of a baby pizza (4)

So that brings me to 25.5, which I'll take considering I really felt like I "splurged" at the party with the pizza, guac and quesadilla. And, I still have 28.5 Flex points to get me through the weekend. I need to stop thinking that when I go into my Flex points I'm being punished, because I feel so guilty when I use them.

Another party tonight, at the Soho Grand... who am I?

A New Frontier

So I weighed in Monday at 167.8. I have been pretty steadily 167.x for a while now, with my 165(.2 I think) FF challenge weigh in really being my low point. I know "round" numbers are pretty arbitrary as far as your body is concerned, but sometimes crossing them seems SO huge.

Therefore, my goal for this week is to weigh in below 165 on Monday (I changed my weigh in day from Sunday to Monday, just in case I'm out east on Sunday morning.) Tuesday I was an impatient little child and weighed 165.2. Sometimes I really feel like when you abruptly start eating right, your body figures it out and streamlines right off the bat. Yesterday was not a great day for me (as I'll explain below) so I weighed in to remind myself that weight can come back as quickly as it left (or quicker.) Surprise! 164.6.

This is like a whole new world. Cause if i'm in the BOTTOM half of the 160's...I am on my way out of them. At some points of my weight loss cycle, something like this would make me grow content, but right now it makes me much more prepared for the coming weekend. I need to ensure I really weigh in below 165 on Monday. What if I weigh in below 164?

Of course, my focus has really shifted now, and the numbers on the scale are WAY less important. I've lost weight this week, but I don't think an overwhelming percentage of it has been fat. Now that I've got the eating in check, it is time to work out like a crazy person. Triathlon is 6 weeks away, give or take, so that should help.

Bobby's Menu - 7/23/09
I don't remember, but I was a few points over. I checked to make sure Planet Smoothie's nutrition info was online before I went, and then discovered that the flavor I got wasn't on the chart when I went to count it (it was the lowest calorie thing in the "weight burning" section--Kiwi Kazi--and it was freaking delicious.) I mysteriously found myself at Bravo Pizza (I'm looking into it, my best theory right now is that it has something to do with the walk I took to Bravo Pizza). I got two sicilian slices but then felt guilty so I cut one of them into little sample squares and became a Bravo Pizza promoter at school. Dinner was healthy - chicken and veggies in this magic pasta that is really tasty but also high in fiber and calcium and low in fat. I just had a lot of it.

Looking back it wasn't that bad. And it was probably all evened out by the fact that I chased my 1 year old cousin around for close to two hours, with a brief Nemo break, which fortunately is both of our favorite flick. It wasn't tiring at all while it was going on but I got on the train to school and immediately fell asleep.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So tired.

All over the place today. I just realized I am super nervous for a test I booked for 11 AM, but then class isn't until 4. Excessive free time in between will be used to get more specific, but in the meantime...I'm going to sleep.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kaitlyn's Continued Attempts At Sabotage.

Even though the bet is over, whenever a particularly tough and seemingly planned bit of temptation is thrown in my face, or something prevents me from working out (other than the obvious lack-of-willpower), I still think "I'll GET YOU KATY!"

One recent night I came home at midnight after a day of eating right and found a dozen Dunkin' Donuts in my kitchen. I was so sure it was Katy. And I devoured that Boston Creme.

Over the past week the main elevator to my school has been broken. I realized today that it must have been Katy who broke the elevator, because we now have to go to the back elevator. And what is on the way to the back elevator? Let me show you:
Yep. Its a Mrs. Fields. I wish I could come up with something more original to say than "it smells like heaven," but I honestly believe that is what heaven smells like. I also pass it every day just when I'm getting hungry. Oh and last week I learned (remember how weak we were last week?) that they will take two fresh baked chocolate chips and put frosting in between them. So much better than it sounds...which I recognize does not seem possible.

Today I decided to hold my breath for the entire walk to the elevator just to avoid the scent. Take that, Katy.

Bobby's Menu 7/21/09 28.5/29

B: 6,5 I decided to have more breakfast to help avoid hunger later in the day.
  • Egg whites on two slices of wheat (3.5)
  • Fiber One (0)
  • Special K Protein Plus (1)
  • La Yogurt Light with Strawberries (2)

L: 7 That may be a little generous. I absolutely love the make your own salad station at Pax. DELICIOUS. I crave them. They are SO filling, and relatively low in points. Guestimated the points since I can't measure the quantities, but they came from:
  • Avocado
  • 1 Egg
  • Oil
S: 0 I didn't end up snacking. I had brought a banana for the train home but wasn't hungry (go salad!) I should have eaten it anyway cause we don't end up having dinner till around 8, at least. Was very hungry by dinner.

D: 15ish Tough to measure, and I lucked out that I had so many points left.
Penne with chicken and vodka sauce (and point free veggies).
  • 1/2 chicken cutlet (1.5!)
  • 2 servings penne (7.5)
  • 1 serving vodka sauce (3)
  • 1 serving pillsbury french loaf (3)
My dinner points are based on 1/4 of the total meal made, since 4 of us split it. I probably had a little more than 1/4 of it. And there was a little cheese here or there.

Basically, I'm gonna assume that I actually went a few points over today. For times like this when I just can't get an accurate reading, I just remove a few bonus points from the week...basically, by the end of the week I'll give myself 25 to play with rather than 35.

And I'm anxious about tomorrow, since I have a long day planned (tougher to plan out food), and this weekend, when I'm going to a party in which I was asked to bring cupcakes and a BBQ that spans two meals. Thank goodness we're back in this...cause I know I'll be OK. Last week I would have just gorged.

Katy's menu - 7/21/09

A promise is a promise.

B: 4
TJ's blueberry Greek yogurt (2), multi-grain Cheerios (2)

L: 6
1/2 serving of last nights Mexican goulash (3), with shredded cheese (2), cherries (1)

S: 2
1 Hershey kiss, 1 Rollo and 15 Skittles (2)

D: 7
Slice of plain pizza on whole wheat crust (7), Sprite Zero (0)

S: 2
1/4 cup Haagen Dazs froyo and 1/2 chocolate chip cookie (2)

Total of 21 out of 20 points. Can you tell I have a killer sweet tooth today? Truth be told, I normally wouldn't even have counted for that mid-day snack I had, but I'm trying to do this the right way.

Up down up down up down down down

Since I copy everything Bobby does, I decided to look at my own chart. My decline has certainly not been as steady when it comes to my loss, it's been a bit more turbulent:

Holy bumpy daddy!

But, we're getting there. I also feel skinnier today Bobby, it's not just you. Although numerically, I stayed the same from last week til this week, I'm confident that as long as I kick it into high gear, I'll be able to shed a few by next Tuesday.

You may think I'm crazy...

But I swear I'm skinnier today than I was yesterday.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/20/09

Just finished dinner and since I clocked it in at 20 points, I'm journaling it now to prevent eating anything else today.

B: 5
Multi-grain cheerios (2), blueberries (1), skim milk (2)

L: 7
Salad with carrots, celery, tomatoes, red onion (0), egg whites (0), grilled chicken (3), feta cheese (3), and yes, hot sauce for dressing (0), and an orange (1)

D: 8
Mexican polenta goulash (6), with low fat shredded cheese (2)

I made the Mexican goulash, as I call it, after trying to re-create a meal I made last week that was really a bunch of crap I had in the fridge. Of course, it wasn't as good as the original time, but still a delicious, colorful, and filling little meal. Here's what's in it:
  • 1 can of TJ's black beans
  • 1 bag (yes the whole bag) of TJ's frozen pepper strips
  • 1 cup of TJ's frozen chopped spinach
  • 1/2 can TJ's diced & fire roasted tomatoes
  • 2 cobs of corn, kernels cut off
  • 3 servings of TJ's polenta
  • 3 tsp canola oil, which I pretty much ended up draining out
  • Hot sauce to taste
  • Cumin to taste
Basically, I just put these all in a pan and cooked them, and then let it simmer for a little. It made 3.5 heaping servings, and when I put that into my Recipe Builder, it comes out the 6 points each. And, it's enough fiber to last you for days!

The bitch is back, baby.

Weight Tracker

Am I the only one getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from being on

This chart represents my weight from the start of the Former Fatties. I find it both hilarious and informative. A few things I noticed studying it:
  • The leveling off. Can you say plateau?
  • I lost FOUR POUNDS in my first week. And I actually don't think that I worked out very much. I think that is about 1/5 of my total FF weight loss. (I've obviously just decided to lose 4 pounds this week. You know...cause it works that way.)
  • The steepest periods of weight loss are the points where I weighed in several weeks in a row. I'm not sure if that is a cause or a coincidence - did weighing in every week keep me diligent or was I just good about weighing in during those periods because that was when I was being "good" in general?
  • I feel like I lost nothing from mid-March to Mid-June. I actually lost about 5 pounds, which made a huge difference in how I looked. (Makes me much more excited about the 4 pounds I'm losing this week.)
Bobby's Menu 7/20/09 29/29 points

B: 3
Fiber One + Yogurt + Banana (3)

L: 10
PB&J before class (5)
PB&J after class (5)

S (nacks): 6
Special K Bar (2)
Kashi Bar (3)
Apple (1)

Dinner: 10
Turkey: 7
Sweet Potato: 3

It's on

It's on, like becauseIamthesizeof Donkey Kong.

Of course, generally speaking, every Monday I do pretty well with tracking points, until about 5pm when things get hazy. But I'm going to do it. Bobby, let's do it, and let's blog. This is the Renaissance of the Former Fatties.

I'll have you know, I'm considering getting a new BlackBerry and the main reason for that is my current one (the World) doesn't have a camera. I love that most of my fattie blogs that I read include pictures of what people eat (since I am obsessed with food), and I think that if I could do the same, it would be more motivation for me. So, yes, new BlackBerry.

Also, I have learned that I am in LOVE with hot sauce. Literally, as I just wrote that, my mouth watered. Sweet Christ. No calories, and the spiciness adds a little somethin'-somethin' to fill you up, so it helps. It all started when Alex suggested I try it on my pizza. Loved it. Since, I have used it on eggs, as salad dressing, on corn on the cob, and yes, yesterday I even dipped my blueberry pancake in it. (yikes)

Another really impressive success so far today: I bought my coworker, Lindsey, 6 cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery for her birthday. I did not have one. Magnolia Bakery cupcakes are, BY FAR, my favorite cupcake, ever.

After this conference call, I'm going to get a salad. With hot sauce? The guy at Metro looked at me like I was crazy last time, as I yelled "more, more!" We'll see.

What do you want out of the next year?

FF Superfan K. Holden Rumph posed the best question to me on my birthday-eve (Thanks for the b-day wishes, Katy. I'll buy you a panini if you want.) She said, "Pins [as in Bobby Pins], what do you want out of your 25th year?"

My immediate response was obviously, "A hot funny guy who likes to ski and has never seen Lost but is willing to change that." It got more fun though when I realized that it was the first time I had ever thought of a year from July - July. I've been thinking about 2009, and I'll be in school for the rest of it, but hopefully by the time I turn 25, I will have composed at least one spot that makes it to air. Finally I concluded, "I want to be super fit. Like...SUPER fit."

I feel like the past year and a half has been made up of 3 month cycles. I lose weight. Everyone tells me I look fantastic. I slowly stop trying as hard but still get frustrated that I'm not losing any more weight. I manage to not gain it all back, but eventually just start feeling super fat and unfit again. Finally, I kick it back into high gear and lose some more weight. The night that Katy and I met I was actually at one of the "Oh wow I am so skinny phases." I think that we have already established that I actually looked like Bruce Vilanch.

SO...where this is all leading is that even though I only weigh 2 pounds above my weigh in weight (which is basically nothing considering that we more or less emptied ourselves for the weigh in) I officially feel like a giant ball of lard. Good news is that I have remembered what I always seem to remember at this point...I know how to lose weight. Since the bet I've been thinking I don't need to lose more weight because I'm basically 160, which is just about right.
I weight 167.8. That is actually more like 170 than 160...and 170 is kinda heavy for a not-jacked-out-of-his-mind guy of my height (RIP, My Muscle). If I were to lose 8 pounds at this point, I'd bet that would be a VERY dramatic difference. I've lost 40 pounds. I can lose 8. Easy.

What I've always told people about Weight Watchers is that it is basically magic. Losing the weight is really really easy so long as you actually do it.

And so...yesterday I logged into for the first time since April (what was wrong with me the last few weeks of the bet?) I have been tracking every point. I weighed in this morning. I am going to a BBQ at the beach house on Saturday and I am still going to count every point.

Katy, I know your birthday is pretty aligned with the calendar year, but you can play along. What do you want out of the next year? And...want to count points with me? I'd be willing to blog every point if you were too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The skinny

Hey guys,

First off, happy birthday Bobby! Unfortunately I wasn't able to celebrate with Bobby, but I heard he had a great, skinny, time turning...24 is it?

Birthdays make me think of 1 thing. Actually, 2. First, cupcakes. Second, presents.

And even though my birthday (and Christmas) don't come for another 5 months, it's never too early to start my wish list. This time around, it's a fitness fantasy list:
  1. A Magic Bullet. Yeah, I'm a sucker for infomericals, but I have wanted one of these for years. I'll even settle for a blender, but I want the Bullet. We have a food processor, which I've tried to make shakes in before and really just ended up making a big mess. I would eat/drink healthy smoothies all the time if I had a Magic Bullet.
  2. A heart rate monitor, or BodyBugg. I can see myself easily becoming obsessed with a HRM/BodyBugg which would track my daily calorie burn. I'm also vain, though, and wouldn't want to wear that BodyBugg strap on my arm all the time because I would feel like a freak. But even still, I would love to know how many calories I actually burn (working out and other things), because the calorie reads on the treadmill and such are completely bogus.
  3. A panini press, because I love sandwiches. Simple.
I'm sure there's more. But feel free to buy me those things anytime.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Spoils of Victory.

Katy The Champion, in all of her shopping spree glory:

Katy tried this next one on as a joke for the benefit of our readers. While she was trying it on, someone twice Katy's size came over and took it. Lets assume that person just wanted to post a funny picture in it on her blog.
The "browsing" pictures should be before the "trying on" pictures, but blogger is annoying me.