Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Frontier

So I weighed in Monday at 167.8. I have been pretty steadily 167.x for a while now, with my 165(.2 I think) FF challenge weigh in really being my low point. I know "round" numbers are pretty arbitrary as far as your body is concerned, but sometimes crossing them seems SO huge.

Therefore, my goal for this week is to weigh in below 165 on Monday (I changed my weigh in day from Sunday to Monday, just in case I'm out east on Sunday morning.) Tuesday I was an impatient little child and weighed 165.2. Sometimes I really feel like when you abruptly start eating right, your body figures it out and streamlines right off the bat. Yesterday was not a great day for me (as I'll explain below) so I weighed in to remind myself that weight can come back as quickly as it left (or quicker.) Surprise! 164.6.

This is like a whole new world. Cause if i'm in the BOTTOM half of the 160's...I am on my way out of them. At some points of my weight loss cycle, something like this would make me grow content, but right now it makes me much more prepared for the coming weekend. I need to ensure I really weigh in below 165 on Monday. What if I weigh in below 164?

Of course, my focus has really shifted now, and the numbers on the scale are WAY less important. I've lost weight this week, but I don't think an overwhelming percentage of it has been fat. Now that I've got the eating in check, it is time to work out like a crazy person. Triathlon is 6 weeks away, give or take, so that should help.

Bobby's Menu - 7/23/09
I don't remember, but I was a few points over. I checked to make sure Planet Smoothie's nutrition info was online before I went, and then discovered that the flavor I got wasn't on the chart when I went to count it (it was the lowest calorie thing in the "weight burning" section--Kiwi Kazi--and it was freaking delicious.) I mysteriously found myself at Bravo Pizza (I'm looking into it, my best theory right now is that it has something to do with the walk I took to Bravo Pizza). I got two sicilian slices but then felt guilty so I cut one of them into little sample squares and became a Bravo Pizza promoter at school. Dinner was healthy - chicken and veggies in this magic pasta that is really tasty but also high in fiber and calcium and low in fat. I just had a lot of it.

Looking back it wasn't that bad. And it was probably all evened out by the fact that I chased my 1 year old cousin around for close to two hours, with a brief Nemo break, which fortunately is both of our favorite flick. It wasn't tiring at all while it was going on but I got on the train to school and immediately fell asleep.

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