Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/22/09

B: 4
TJ's pomegranite Greek yogurt (2), multi-grain Cheerios (1), orange (1)

L: 6
1/2 serving Mexican goulash [I have enough to last all week], no added cheese (3), cherries (1), 2 Rolos (1), 2 Starbursts (1). Gotta stop with the candy.

D: 15.5
Rooftop party on top of the Roosevelt hotel, at Mad46. I had intentions of staying OP, but knew, realistically, I'd probably go over.
2 servings of Cabernet (3.5), "1/2" chicken quesadilla even though really it was 1/4- it was huge and I'm being honest (3), tortilla chips (3), guac (2), 1/4 of a baby pizza (4)

So that brings me to 25.5, which I'll take considering I really felt like I "splurged" at the party with the pizza, guac and quesadilla. And, I still have 28.5 Flex points to get me through the weekend. I need to stop thinking that when I go into my Flex points I'm being punished, because I feel so guilty when I use them.

Another party tonight, at the Soho Grand... who am I?

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