Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Liz and I am the newest former fatty. I am so happy to
join Katy and Bobby on the blog and this journey to wellness.
Thanks for the kind intro guys!

A little bit about myself, this is me:
I have been chubby my whole life. After a breakdown in my family kitchen, my always supportive mother took me to my first weight watchers meeting at 13. I was chubby throughout high school but in college my weight gain got serious. It may have had something to due with the excessive binge drinking, awful fatty cafeteria food, or "fat bitches" which are sandwiches that were purchased at 3am from a truck.

Post college I ventured to Alaska to volunteer for a year at my highest weight ever. Here are some embarrassing pictures from my going away party. While it was a great party, as you can see from the bar dancing, I was mortified when I saw these pictures and immediately de-tagged them from Facebook.

Once in Alaska things started to change. I went to a doctor and learned just how serious things were. At 23 my bloodwork was already in trouble: high cholesterol, high C reactive proteins,
my LDLs were too high, and my HDLs were too low. I was far too young to have these medical concerns. Plain and simple I had to lose the weight.


I did it by eating healthy, working with a nutritionist, going to yoga and spinning class, and having really supportive roommates.
My year in Alaska was life changing in so many ways.
Here are me and the rommies:

Than I moved back to NY and many things changed: I became a vegetarian, got a new job, no longer had a nutritionist, new gym, had money, and was living with my parents. During my 1st year back I pretty much maintained my weight loss and focused on activity goals.

I ran a half marathon:
Finished a triathlon:
And climbed a mountain:

While I had tons of great successes in 2009 I was disappointed with my weight loss. It was great that I maintained but now I am ready to keep losing the pounds.
So my goals for this year are:
- Eat healthy! Write down everything that I eat into my food journal and decrease binge eating behavior.
- Continue working out: yoga, spinning classes, and training sessions.
- I am going to work on thinking positively. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I want to catch my negative thoughts about myself and the world and turn them into positive thoughts.

My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week for three months resulting in a total weight loss of 24lbs over the next three months!

I think I was excited for my 1st blog so this may have been a longer blog but I'm happy to be a former fatty!!!!


  1. Liz, great first blog post as a FF. I'm not a hundred percent sure but I believe your intro was a little shout out to the great Jay Z, even if it is not...in my heart I will always believe it is.

  2. Holden!!! Of course that was a Jay-Z shout out. I can always count on you to pick up what I'm putting down.