Monday, July 20, 2009

What do you want out of the next year?

FF Superfan K. Holden Rumph posed the best question to me on my birthday-eve (Thanks for the b-day wishes, Katy. I'll buy you a panini if you want.) She said, "Pins [as in Bobby Pins], what do you want out of your 25th year?"

My immediate response was obviously, "A hot funny guy who likes to ski and has never seen Lost but is willing to change that." It got more fun though when I realized that it was the first time I had ever thought of a year from July - July. I've been thinking about 2009, and I'll be in school for the rest of it, but hopefully by the time I turn 25, I will have composed at least one spot that makes it to air. Finally I concluded, "I want to be super fit. Like...SUPER fit."

I feel like the past year and a half has been made up of 3 month cycles. I lose weight. Everyone tells me I look fantastic. I slowly stop trying as hard but still get frustrated that I'm not losing any more weight. I manage to not gain it all back, but eventually just start feeling super fat and unfit again. Finally, I kick it back into high gear and lose some more weight. The night that Katy and I met I was actually at one of the "Oh wow I am so skinny phases." I think that we have already established that I actually looked like Bruce Vilanch.

SO...where this is all leading is that even though I only weigh 2 pounds above my weigh in weight (which is basically nothing considering that we more or less emptied ourselves for the weigh in) I officially feel like a giant ball of lard. Good news is that I have remembered what I always seem to remember at this point...I know how to lose weight. Since the bet I've been thinking I don't need to lose more weight because I'm basically 160, which is just about right.
I weight 167.8. That is actually more like 170 than 160...and 170 is kinda heavy for a not-jacked-out-of-his-mind guy of my height (RIP, My Muscle). If I were to lose 8 pounds at this point, I'd bet that would be a VERY dramatic difference. I've lost 40 pounds. I can lose 8. Easy.

What I've always told people about Weight Watchers is that it is basically magic. Losing the weight is really really easy so long as you actually do it.

And so...yesterday I logged into for the first time since April (what was wrong with me the last few weeks of the bet?) I have been tracking every point. I weighed in this morning. I am going to a BBQ at the beach house on Saturday and I am still going to count every point.

Katy, I know your birthday is pretty aligned with the calendar year, but you can play along. What do you want out of the next year? And...want to count points with me? I'd be willing to blog every point if you were too.

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