Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The skinny

Hey guys,

First off, happy birthday Bobby! Unfortunately I wasn't able to celebrate with Bobby, but I heard he had a great, skinny, time turning...24 is it?

Birthdays make me think of 1 thing. Actually, 2. First, cupcakes. Second, presents.

And even though my birthday (and Christmas) don't come for another 5 months, it's never too early to start my wish list. This time around, it's a fitness fantasy list:
  1. A Magic Bullet. Yeah, I'm a sucker for infomericals, but I have wanted one of these for years. I'll even settle for a blender, but I want the Bullet. We have a food processor, which I've tried to make shakes in before and really just ended up making a big mess. I would eat/drink healthy smoothies all the time if I had a Magic Bullet.
  2. A heart rate monitor, or BodyBugg. I can see myself easily becoming obsessed with a HRM/BodyBugg which would track my daily calorie burn. I'm also vain, though, and wouldn't want to wear that BodyBugg strap on my arm all the time because I would feel like a freak. But even still, I would love to know how many calories I actually burn (working out and other things), because the calorie reads on the treadmill and such are completely bogus.
  3. A panini press, because I love sandwiches. Simple.
I'm sure there's more. But feel free to buy me those things anytime.

1 comment:

  1. the magic bullet sounds like some type of vibrator? I want a bodybugg too! I love my polar but you have to wear this huge sports looking watch with it, yuck.