Monday, July 20, 2009

It's on

It's on, like becauseIamthesizeof Donkey Kong.

Of course, generally speaking, every Monday I do pretty well with tracking points, until about 5pm when things get hazy. But I'm going to do it. Bobby, let's do it, and let's blog. This is the Renaissance of the Former Fatties.

I'll have you know, I'm considering getting a new BlackBerry and the main reason for that is my current one (the World) doesn't have a camera. I love that most of my fattie blogs that I read include pictures of what people eat (since I am obsessed with food), and I think that if I could do the same, it would be more motivation for me. So, yes, new BlackBerry.

Also, I have learned that I am in LOVE with hot sauce. Literally, as I just wrote that, my mouth watered. Sweet Christ. No calories, and the spiciness adds a little somethin'-somethin' to fill you up, so it helps. It all started when Alex suggested I try it on my pizza. Loved it. Since, I have used it on eggs, as salad dressing, on corn on the cob, and yes, yesterday I even dipped my blueberry pancake in it. (yikes)

Another really impressive success so far today: I bought my coworker, Lindsey, 6 cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery for her birthday. I did not have one. Magnolia Bakery cupcakes are, BY FAR, my favorite cupcake, ever.

After this conference call, I'm going to get a salad. With hot sauce? The guy at Metro looked at me like I was crazy last time, as I yelled "more, more!" We'll see.

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  1. I'm hoping its Franks red-hot if it came from Alex. If it is something else, I will be very disapointed in A. Hill. But yay you should both blog more often because I get excited when my google reader tells me I have a new post to read from you guys.