Monday, July 20, 2009

Weight Tracker

Am I the only one getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from being on

This chart represents my weight from the start of the Former Fatties. I find it both hilarious and informative. A few things I noticed studying it:
  • The leveling off. Can you say plateau?
  • I lost FOUR POUNDS in my first week. And I actually don't think that I worked out very much. I think that is about 1/5 of my total FF weight loss. (I've obviously just decided to lose 4 pounds this week. You know...cause it works that way.)
  • The steepest periods of weight loss are the points where I weighed in several weeks in a row. I'm not sure if that is a cause or a coincidence - did weighing in every week keep me diligent or was I just good about weighing in during those periods because that was when I was being "good" in general?
  • I feel like I lost nothing from mid-March to Mid-June. I actually lost about 5 pounds, which made a huge difference in how I looked. (Makes me much more excited about the 4 pounds I'm losing this week.)
Bobby's Menu 7/20/09 29/29 points

B: 3
Fiber One + Yogurt + Banana (3)

L: 10
PB&J before class (5)
PB&J after class (5)

S (nacks): 6
Special K Bar (2)
Kashi Bar (3)
Apple (1)

Dinner: 10
Turkey: 7
Sweet Potato: 3

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