Monday, July 27, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/24-26/09

My ride on the Positive Progress Express Train came to an abrupt stop this weekend, where I pretty much crashed. I kept complaining about it (while simultaneously grazing non-stop), and Alex kept replying, "you really didn't eat that bad," but 20 points/day is REALLY easy to hit with breakfast alone. I need to stop going out to eat.

So let's just try and break it down, although I'm sure there'll be things I forget.

Friday: 39.5 out of 20. Fucking excellent.
B: 5.5
Being hungover, I NEEDED an egg sandwich. I stopped at the deli and tried to make it healthy.
Egg whites (1), turkey bacon(1.5), hot sauce (0) on a whole wheat bun (3)

L: 20 - again, there's my day in 1 meal.
Last minute invite to go to 5 Napkin Burger with the little girl I babysit and her parents. Can't resist babies or cheeseburgers, so I went. I tried to find the happy medium between my tongue and my conscious and had the "inside out burger" which was bunless, 10oz of beef, wrapped in lettuce, with tomato, pickles and their "special sauce" which was glorified mayo.
I ate half the burger (6), all the accoutrements (0), the sauce (2), and fries (10)
And then I ate one of Charlie's chocolate chip cookies (2)

Late dinner with Alex after successfully finding him an apartment (!!!). We went to Babouche, in my hood, with intentions of going to smoke some hookah. We ate ourselves silly instead.
I started with a slice of bread and oil (3), we split beet salad and I believe the only points to come from possibly some more oil in the dressing (2), and I had some vegetable "tagine" aka more glorified goulash which was all veggies (2) with a tiny bit of cous-cous (2). Oh, and we split a bottle of red wine (5).

Saturday: 43 out of 20, and now I'm crying at my desk
B: 5
1 egg (2), mini cinnamon raisin bagel (2), Laughing Cow (1)

L: 7
Stopped at the park in the midst of bike riding for 1/2 of a focaccia from the Farmer's Market with tomato, basil and goat cheese on it (6), a nectarine also from the Farmer's Market (1)

S: 5
Continued riding. Stopped for a delicioooous creamsicle Italian ice (3) to refresh myself.

Came home and ate pita chips (2) with hot sauce (new fav snack)

D: 26
2.5 slices of pizza (20 - great, theres my day) and 3 cocktails (6)

Happy to at least get in a 5.5 mile bike ride through HILLY Park Slope. Although I am no Lance Armstrong, I sweat as though I'm competing in Tour de France...on my 1983 Schwinn.

Sunday: 31 out of 20. My "good" day.
B/L: 12
Egg white omlet (2, it was huge) with tomatoes and mushrooms (0) and feta (3), homefries (5), whole wheat toast (2)

S: 7
More pita chips and hot sauce (2)
Banana chips with nutella (3)
and a Corona (2)

D: 12
Wrap from Press 195.
Whole wheat wrap (3), turkey (2), veggies (0), Alpine Lace swiss (2), and jalapeno honey mustard (0). Some fries (3).
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert (2)

I did get in about an 8 mile bike ride to the water in Red Hook, so that might have taken care of some of the nonsense, hopefully. says 2 hours of "moderate" riding warrants 5 Activity Points, so I'd say I earned at least that.

Going to do better this week. Going to do better, or going to punch myself in the face repeatedly.

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