Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kaitlyn's Continued Attempts At Sabotage.

Even though the bet is over, whenever a particularly tough and seemingly planned bit of temptation is thrown in my face, or something prevents me from working out (other than the obvious lack-of-willpower), I still think "I'll GET YOU KATY!"

One recent night I came home at midnight after a day of eating right and found a dozen Dunkin' Donuts in my kitchen. I was so sure it was Katy. And I devoured that Boston Creme.

Over the past week the main elevator to my school has been broken. I realized today that it must have been Katy who broke the elevator, because we now have to go to the back elevator. And what is on the way to the back elevator? Let me show you:
Yep. Its a Mrs. Fields. I wish I could come up with something more original to say than "it smells like heaven," but I honestly believe that is what heaven smells like. I also pass it every day just when I'm getting hungry. Oh and last week I learned (remember how weak we were last week?) that they will take two fresh baked chocolate chips and put frosting in between them. So much better than it sounds...which I recognize does not seem possible.

Today I decided to hold my breath for the entire walk to the elevator just to avoid the scent. Take that, Katy.

Bobby's Menu 7/21/09 28.5/29

B: 6,5 I decided to have more breakfast to help avoid hunger later in the day.
  • Egg whites on two slices of wheat (3.5)
  • Fiber One (0)
  • Special K Protein Plus (1)
  • La Yogurt Light with Strawberries (2)

L: 7 That may be a little generous. I absolutely love the make your own salad station at Pax. DELICIOUS. I crave them. They are SO filling, and relatively low in points. Guestimated the points since I can't measure the quantities, but they came from:
  • Avocado
  • 1 Egg
  • Oil
S: 0 I didn't end up snacking. I had brought a banana for the train home but wasn't hungry (go salad!) I should have eaten it anyway cause we don't end up having dinner till around 8, at least. Was very hungry by dinner.

D: 15ish Tough to measure, and I lucked out that I had so many points left.
Penne with chicken and vodka sauce (and point free veggies).
  • 1/2 chicken cutlet (1.5!)
  • 2 servings penne (7.5)
  • 1 serving vodka sauce (3)
  • 1 serving pillsbury french loaf (3)
My dinner points are based on 1/4 of the total meal made, since 4 of us split it. I probably had a little more than 1/4 of it. And there was a little cheese here or there.

Basically, I'm gonna assume that I actually went a few points over today. For times like this when I just can't get an accurate reading, I just remove a few bonus points from the week...basically, by the end of the week I'll give myself 25 to play with rather than 35.

And I'm anxious about tomorrow, since I have a long day planned (tougher to plan out food), and this weekend, when I'm going to a party in which I was asked to bring cupcakes and a BBQ that spans two meals. Thank goodness we're back in this...cause I know I'll be OK. Last week I would have just gorged.

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