Sunday, July 26, 2009

Don't hit me Katy.

So I didn't do great from Thursday - Saturday. Like, no idea what my points totals were bad. I'm going to have to get better though if I expect to make it through the summer. Katy always amazes me with her ability to go to industry parties and fancy restaurants and still come out with a points total. Next weekend I am possibly going on a roadtrip/party weekend. Should be quite the test.

On Friday I wanted Subway, but when I got there it was super crowded. I saw Burger King across the parking lot but instead decided to get a chicken sandwich from Wendy's instead. I've always heard those were the healthiest fast-food choices. When I got home, I learned that my meal had been 17 points! I should have just gone to Burger King.

I'm going to really try to break my fast food addiction. To help that along, here are the points values of what I like to get at each of my favorite fast food restaurants.

Reminder: I get 29 points a day.

Burger King
Pre-FF: Double Whopper w/ Cheese. Large Fries. (38...including 90 grams of fat!)
Now: Whopper Jr. w/ Cheese. Small Fries. (18. Hmm...I've been telling myself it was 15. Still horrible.)

Pre-FF: Baconator. Large Fries. (33)
Now: Homestyle Chicken Filet. Small Fries. (17)

Taco Bell
Pre-FF: 3 Chalupas (9 each - 27)
Now (Drunkenly in Penn Station last week at close to 4AM): 3 Chalupas, but before the 3rd one I said "No room at the inn!" out loud before eating it anyway (9)

Pre-FF: Double Champ with Cheese. Large Fries. (34)
Now: Champ with Cheese. Small Fries. (22)
Honestly though, I'm still gonna get the large fries. They are so fucking good.

Note that the "now" numbers are still way too high for a single regular meal. But I mean...bonus points?

Hmm. This has been an interesting exercise, mostly because I want to go to Checkers immediately. I also feel that Chipotle has been given a bad rap (by me) for its 37 point burrito. At least I feel like Chipotle is real food though.

Damn I want Checkers.

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