Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Katy's menu - 7/28/09 and 7/29/09

First off... call-out: Bloggy Rowe, where are you?

Second... good past few days on my end. I guess I was really motivated by my positive weigh-in on Tuesday morning. That, plus my goal creeping up on me in just 9 days, plus my moral obligation to blog anything I put into my mouth.

Tuesday: 22 out of 20. No workout, but a nice sushi picnic on my roof with my best friend.
B: 6
1c Honey Nut Cheerios (3), skim (2), 1c cherries (1)

L: 7
Leftover mac + cheese with even more broc (6)
Coffee with skim (1)

D: 9
Avocado roll (5), TJs chicken cilantro dumplings (1), soy sauce (o)
Late night toasted Arnolds Thin with a tiny bit of PBJ on it (2)

Wednesday: 19 out of 20. Plus a really good workout. I may have dessert, but right now I'm stuffed.
B: 5
3/4c Honey Nut Cheerios (2), 1/2c Fiber One (0), 1c skim (2), 1c strawberries and blueberries (1)

L: 7
Whole wheat wrap (3), breaded chicken cutlet (4), grilled onion, sweet and hot peppers, tomato and red onion (0), honey mustard (0) [I fucking love Toastie's!]
Steamed broccoli and carrots (0)

S: 4
Chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven (2), handful of M+Ms (2)

D: 3
Grillers Vegan veggie burger (1), on an Arnolds Thin (1), with Laughing Cow (1), lettuce (0), tomato from the Farmers Market that couldn't have been riper (0), red onion (0), ketchup and of course hot sauce (0)
Leftover steamed broccoli thrown in the pan for a few minutes with a bit of minced garlic (0)

!!! I am so excited about my dinner. I really need to get a life. In the meantime, I realized Alex left his SLR camera here and I love (read: want) it. So, I decided to take pictures of my meal. (Like I said, I really need to get a life). But look how colorful... 3 points!

(yes, that's a copious amount of salt.)

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