Monday, August 3, 2009

Interesting methods.

So, I wouldn't necessarily condone the way I've been eating the past few days, but it'll be pretty interesting to see how it affects my weigh in tomorrow. Basically, Thursday, Friday and Saturday I ate pretty much nothing all day (usually a result of being insanely busy at work), until about 4/5pm where I'd get my first substantial meal in, and/or binge drink.

11am-1pm - A couple handfuls of dry cereal, because I had no time to even find milk in my office.
5pm - lunch (I guess early dinner), wrap from Toasties- grilled chicken with assorted veggies and honey mustard in a whole wheat wrap.
6-10pm - work happy hour, including about 5 drinks and some of a quesadilla, chicken finger, etc.

11am - grapes and blueberries at my edit session.
3pm - sushi on the train to CT. 3 pieces of avocado cucumber roll, 3 pieces of shitake mushroom roll, and 3 pieces of sweet potato/asparagus roll. Too much wasabi.
8pm - dinner with Alex's family. I had broiled tilapia with lemon, roasted salt potatoes, and steamed veggies. Oh, and bread and butter.
10pm - fat free, sugar free vanilla-raspberry swirl ice cream cone.

1pm - attempted to eat a grilled chicken sandwich. Disgusting. Ate half the bread with tomato, ketchup and hot sauce.
5pm - housewarming party at Kir's, including a vat of guac that I made, 3 or 4 glasses of homemade sangria, 2 slices of pizza, and other assorted chips and snacks.

11am - Dunkin Donuts egg white veggie flatbread, 3 of Alex's hash browns, caramel iced coffee.
12pm - Half a slice of cold leftover pizza (my fav)
4pm - Honey mustard grilled chicken snack wrap, a couple fries, and a bit of Alex's Big Mac (my first!)
9pm - Dinner at a Greek place in Alex's new hood (!!!): moussaka (OMG! such great Greek comfort food), with a side of Greek Salad, and some pita with what I think was hummus.

So yes, we moved Alex this weekend. After a year and a half, we are no longer in a long distance relationship! He lives about 2 miles away from me now :) This makes me beyond happy, and also on the diet end of things, hopefully means less indulgent weekends "because we never get to spend time together." I sweat like a wildabeast moving him in yesterday. I consider my indulgent dinner a wash with all the physical activity we got in this weekend.

SERIOUSLY BOBBY, where are you?

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