Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forever Former

Today really begins the true test of The Former Fatties. With no deadline in sight, it is easy to let our good habits slip away and our pounds slowly (or maybe quickly) return. I've been holding out on sharing this until after the contest was over, but this is what I looked like in January 2008, just over a year after my last contest:

Not pretty. Damn near Swamp Thing, actually. This can never happen again. Never. Maybe it is because I lost, but I really am not experiencing the "Its OK to let myself go a little, I look great!" that I did last time. The interesting thing about that is that I'm about 15 pounds below where I was then. It could also be that the summer is starting, so standards are raised. Or I just have learned from that mistake. Either way, I have a plan...

As of yesterday, I am officially registered to compete in my first triathlon on August 31st. Last summer, I had really gotten into the idea of being a triathlete. I swam all through childhood and on my high school team, I had just bought a bike, and running was becoming part of my fitness ritual. Still, when I actually looked into it back then, I knew it was too much for me.

Well not any more. I'm REALLY looking forward to having a fitness goal that does not involve the scale or a specific body fat percentage. The race is a 1km swim (in open water), 15 km bike ride, and a 3 mile run. That roughly translates to 0.6, 9, and 3 miles, respectively. Its in just over 3 months. We all know how much we can change ourselves in just a few months, so I really can't wait.

Good news is, my ankle really doesn't hurt anymore. Bad news is, I am limping due to a cut on the bottom of my foot I got while jumping out of a kayak in Lake Katy. All in the name of victory though, Katy's and my team won handily.

I told Katy this weekend that out of spite I was going to do everything I could to make sure that she had to go on her victory shopping spree at Dress Barn WOMAN. Now that the Post-FF weekend is over, I'm back to supportive mode. We can do this KFC!

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