Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah fuck.

Leave it to Bobby to make me totally emotional about this contest. I texted him this last night but I figured I might as well let America know that I am so proud of Bobby and that this contest is one of my favorite things I have ever done. Given my naturally almost-to-a-fault competitive nature, the best way for me to do something is when I am doing it with/against someone, and I think Bobby was the best person to do this with.

We are such great friends, but (unfortunately) don't see each other enough to hate each other before the end of it (which I fear might happen if 2 girl friends were doing this). He is the perfect combination of supportive while still continuously lighting a fire under my ass. And we have the same lifestyle, so it makes it totally, absolutely feasable to do this together. We both, in all honestly, really weren't that overweight when we started, we both work (worked?) in advertising so we know the social/calorie-destructive part of the job, neither of us seem to love working out all that much but we do it anyway. It is just a really good balance and I am so appreciative of that night Bobby took me on a date back in January and we thought to do this.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Bobby, its funny you mention being friends at 40 because I was thinking a similar fact this morning: How much fun I am going to have with you at my wedding some day. Just WAIT til they play the Cha Cha slide. Or the Marcarena...forget about it.

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