Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Deal Is A Deal

I am not going to accept Katy's extremely generous offer to count my whole Whammies. It wouldn't be fair because she held up her end of the deal and took a tequila shot that she would have had the willpower to resist had I not agreed. I do agree with her though, Alex must totally be trying to sleep with me now. And who could blame him?

I think that my post this morning was mopey and then optimistic, but ultimately, that combination (I'm still fat but hope to be fit some day soon) sells short what we've already achieved.

We can both look at ourselves and see nothing but skinnyfat, but we have come far. Katy weighs less than she ever has in her adult life. I'm pretty sure I'm either tied or below the lowest weight I remember being, which was at 16. I'm not sure if that counts as adult or not but I was fully grown so...sure. We are fitter than we have even been. I've lost nearly as much weight in the past three months as I did in all of last year, the entirety of which I spent actively trying to weight.

Most importantly, for the first time in my entire life (I can only speak for myself but would imagine Katy would share a similar tale) I just looked at a chart and found that I'm in a healthy weight range.

I know that had it not been for Katy, I would be creeping back to my highest weight, and eventually beyond it. I used to worry about what I would look like when I was 40...because if I was 50 pounds overweight at 22, what the heck would be as my metabolism slowed down? Now my biggest worry is if my body looks too tiny for my head. So...yea I'm going to be completely over the top here and say Katy saved my life. Katy is the reason why my kids won't have to worry about not having a dad. Or I guess about only having one dad.

This bet has pretty much solidified the already increasingly likely fact that Katy and I are going to be friends when we're 40. And we're going to look gooooooood. We'll have the bodies of hotties, but the charm of fatties. People might actually talk behind our backs out of jealousy, which is pretty much all that I've ever wanted out of life.

I still plan to blog tomorrow but there is a good chance that I am so busy at school and then so completely mind/emotion fucked by the Lost finale that I don't end up doing it. Please observe that it is damn near 2 hours into Wednesday.

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