Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky 7

1. This is our 100th blog. HAPPY 100th BLOG, FATTIES!
2. I have decided (and mostly because of the guilt trip that Alex laid on me last night), that I am not going to hold Bobby to only half his whammies from this point forward. They should all count. Fair is fair, and Alex "doesn't want any more of me crying in the car like I did last time."
3. Alex, who's team are you on? Who are you sleeping with at night?
4. As long as no one rigged my scale, as of this mornings weigh in, I am the lowest I have ever been in my adult life.
5. I can't let this get to my head with only like 10 days left, because that's when I get fat again.
6. When Bobby turns into Hulk and his muscles outgrow the shirt he wore on Saturday, I am calling dibs on it.
7. Thank you K. Holden for the pictures!

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