Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3, 2, 1...

There are only 3 days left.

I'm sitting here eating my pseudo-parfait (Trader Joe's 0% fat Greek yogurt-Pomegranite flavor, fiber one, and mixed berries), reading Bobby's latest entries and realizing just how close we are to the end.

It is crunch time and I am trying SO hard to be good this week and really end on a strong note. This weekend I tried to start my good habits, and let me tell you, it was difficult. However, these are the incredible, SO not me, choices I made:
- At the bagel place Saturday morning, I got egg whites on wheat toast. Not an everything bagel with cream cheese, which was all I wanted.
- We opened my beach house on Saturday, and I didn't drink. This may seem like a non-sequitor, but you have to understand it's impossible for me to be on Fire Island and not drink. We even had a liquor store on Long Island ship over a bottle of Grey Goose for my family to enjoy... as we cleaned the blinds and swept the floors... in broad daylight... (alcoholics?)
- On Sunday, there was a MASSIVE street fair on 5th Ave by my house, stocked with all my favorites - fried Oreos (<3<3<3), sausage & peppers, hot dogs, these grilled cheese sandwiches from heaven made with corn bread and mozzarella, etc. What did I have? Corn on the cob. NO BUTTER.
- Sunday night, went out for Mexican, wanted a margarita so bad or at least a Sangria, but I had seltzer.

Oh also, I discovered this little miracle at TJ's that I had for dinner last night and were so good. They are Chicken Cilantro Won-Tons, or maybe Dumplings. Yeah, dumplings. They are 50 cals, .5g fat, and 1g fiber for 4. They're tiny, and so low in points, I had 2 servings last night. Sprinkle a little Parmesan on those bad boys...DELIGHT. They are in the freezer section.

Okay I have to verbalize my feelings and fears of this contest being "over". Every year, I lose some weight in anticipation of the summer season. Then, it comes, and I'm like "yeah, I lost some weight, beers and hot dogs all the time, it's okay!" and then I'm surprised why, come Thanksgiving, I'm 10lbs heavier than I was at Memorial Day. So that's why I don't want this to end. I mean, the contest obviously will, but maybe we can keep blogging? (And this isn't even my own request, as some of my friends have asked that we keep the blog alive forever.) Bobby, I agree, to achieve your dream of "summer gay fit" it may be a good idea to go on maintenance and just start exercising like some sort of work horse. You are already so skinny. Like, so skinny.

...I'm currently contemplating the cost-effectiveness of hiring a Cotton candy man/stand to sit outside Bobby's house for the next 72 hours...

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