Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Former Fatties...forever?

I was just reading Katy's post as well as taking a trip down blog-memory lane. Remember when we used to post everything we ate? Remember when Katy revolutionized it by using screen caps? As crazy-diligent as that sounds...remember how much weight we lost?

Katy's post really drove this point home for me. The choices she made this week were nothing short of incredible. We were just discussing how much better you always end up feeling when you make good choices, but KFC (the "C" stands for "Champion") raised an excellent point - why do we have to feel guilty when making less-than-great choices to the point of not enjoying them. I think this is where point counting really comes into play.

Lately I've been keeping track of my points, during the week at least, using a running total in my head. I use my phone to calculate points on the go. What I really should be doing is taking it one step further and tracking my points. ALL WEEK. This isn't to say that you can't let yourself go, this is to say that you can "let go" without completely losing control and therefore not feeling guilty. You can have a lot of fun over a weekend with 35 points. By tracking all week, you know how many of those you have left, so you can have your beer or your fried oreos or your chipotle or your tequila or your cotton candy. And you can have a lot without going overboard, so you don't feel guilty. 

I think I'm going to get a food scale so that I can measure portions of my dinners at home. 

I've kinda expressed this before, but let me go on record as completely echoing Katy's post-FF fears. Its almost crazy to me how parallel our lives are, straight down to the summer. When I'm at the beach house, I just eat like I'm on vacation. I'm relatively OK with eating like you are on vacation when you are actually on vacation, not when its 3/7 days for a quarter of the year. Again, this brings me to the age old (earlier this blog) question: is it worth it if you can't even enjoy yourself? Did I work this hard to eat corn on the cob with no butter all summer? Hopefully, I'll just be good (AND TRACK) all week, so that I can drink 35 points each Saturday night. 

But through it all, ups and downs, great choices and hangovers, weeks where I accidentally don't work out and the day my sixpack becomes visible, I'll be keeping you posted. My somewhat crazy plan to have a sixpack by my birthday is a lifelong dream but also an attempt to bridge the gap between this contest and the real world. I think I've mentioned before that I've competed in (and won...duh) a contest like this before. It ended, I had a life change (started senior year) and stopped working out / paying attention to what I ate. Two months later, I was still about the same weight, so my guilt subsided. A year later I was the fattest I'd ever been in my life. Like Jabba fat (there will be photographic evidence of this after this bet ends). It was devastating and will not be happening again. 

Unless of course I find a cotton candy man between my house and my car. 

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