Monday, May 18, 2009

Has Katy enlisted my mom?

I get Protein Plus Special K, since its slightly lower in points than your average Special K and has the word "Protein" in its name, which makes me think that I will be jacked if I eat it. My family eats regular Special K. They are both better than I would have thought before trying them, but are just distinctive.

So just moments ago, my mom is on the phone and I see that she's filled up one of those glass jars that you keep cereal in to keep it fresh. There is a bit that wouldn't fit in the jar, and I'm not having dinner for another half-hour at least, so I start nibbling on the excess. I am SHOCKED by how much more delicious regular Special K is than Protein plus, so I take a few more bites. 

Then I got confused as I remembered the last time I tried regular Special K and found that it wasn't any better than Protein Plus. 

You know what is a lot better than either flavor of Special K though? Frosted Flakes. Which I had apparently been shoving in my mouth for several minutes. 

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