Monday, May 18, 2009

In Brief...

Quick thoughts before I go back to studying. 
  • Saturday I (OK, weirdly) said to my brother, "Look at my belly!" while lifting my shirt. He said, "Well let me see when you're not sucking it in." But I wasn't sucking it in...I was pushing it out!
  • As of yesterday I was still furious about my ankle. I haven't done much out of bed today, but it seems to be way better. I won't be running on the treadmill this week but I should be able to work out after all. 
  • I did manage to do P90X's 15 minute ab workout yesterday. I LOVE how much better you feel / look in the mirror the morning after a good workout, even if its just abs. 
  • Obviously everyone's body is different, but I just found out that the one summer Craig worked out all the time and got jacked (he's normally thin), he weighed more than I do now. He's less than an inch taller than me, so I've really realized I don't need to lose any more weight. I think I need to build muscle and the last fat will take care of itself. To do that you apparently need to eat A LOT (poor me.) I'm thinking that after the Former Fatties is over, I'll re-take the points quiz but select "Maintain My Weight." I'm also going to count my workout points and drink Whey Protein shakes with the extra points I get. I'm hoping that just about evens out, but I'd be very interested in hearing Katy's theory on this.
Friday? Seriously?

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