Saturday, May 16, 2009


During my previous bouts with exercise (2004 & 2007) I would always end up taking a few weeks to not work out because my knee hurt or my shins hurt or my ankle hurt or SOMETHING. I guess I didn't realize until today that I have not had anything close to an injury this entire competition. That is probably because I started working out last year, slowly. That really is the key, ease into each workout (through a good warmup) and ease into working out in general by starting out almost embarrassingly easy. 

So you can imagine my frustration today why my ankle started hurting for no apparent reason. And got worse. And currently hurts to just walk on. I have no idea whatsoever I did to it, but I suspect foul play. 

I'm sure Katy is a little tipsy tonight, as it is her Bestie's birthday. She shouldn't feel bad though; I've had 3 cheeseburgers in the past 48 hours. 

I'm not sure who paid my friend from school to tell me how good the shakes were at the burger joint we were at last night, but I have my suspicions. 

Finally, when we left the burger place to go to a bar, I was proud to just be having water because I realized I had already over done it. But...then it happened. At this very classy bar, the waiter walked by with a plate of fresh cotton candy the size of a beach ball.

I guess I've never spoken about it on the FF, but cotton candy is my greatest weakness. Good God it is delicious. I'd love to say I resisted, but...

Notice the size in comparison to my (very large) head.

I'm glad I didn't reveal this weakness until so late in the bet. All that Katy would have had to do to ensure victory was put cotton candy somewhere in my line of sight each day and I would have finished this contest looking like...I dunno something fat and witty. Its 2:15 and I'm just blogging because Katy took that tequila shot a week ago. I just proofread this post and I use the same 3 phrases in 80% of the sentences, and the other 20% don't even make sense. Still, side-of-the-deal upheld.

Night peeps. 

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