Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bobby and I sealed the deal.

I saw Bobby today. He was drunk, but also REALLY skinny. Apparently it's my turn to blog, as he aggressively mentioned to me when we asked him why he hasn't been blogging.

So here I am, blogging, to remind BoRo & America of a couple things:
  1. In exchange for the tequila shot Bobby made me do, I made him promise that only HALF of his whammies from this point forward will count.
  2. I also somehow made Bobby vow to blog every day for the next week, and he obliged.
  3. He actually said the words to me, "It's your funeral."
  4. ...and it very well might be.
  5. But that doesn't negate the fact that I absolutely take advantage of people when they're under the influence.
  6. At this point of the game, I think I am going to channel my inner Coral from Real World Road Rules challenge. She always scared the shit out of me and fought like hell, but pretty much always won. Things may get ugly.

I took a "nap" from 8-10:30pm today and it really fucked up my sleeping pattern. I wish I was tired.

12 days. really? 12 days. How long is it that a human body can go without substenance?

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