Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If Bass Boy could see me now...

Here I was laughing embarrassingly loud at Katy's post when I was silenced as it hit too close to home. I was reading it while watching Judge David Young*. And not doing the elliptical.

And eating pizza.

I don't feel bad though as:
  • I had already done the jumping edition of P90X (which is getting so much easier) this morning. 
  • It was only one slice, which I had factored into my points for the day.
  • It had red peppers on it.
  • I had made it myself and JESUS it was delicious.
I have trouble with the elliptical. I think its so fun and low impact, but I have learned that you only actually get results when you freaking PUSH yourself, rather than just going "WEEEE!" for 20 minutes. I find that pretty impossible. Its the same reason I run on the treadmill rather than outside. When the ground isn't falling out from under me its too easy to just go "Hmm...that's enough" and slow down to something leisurely.

Congrats on being called fit by a stranger! A gay friend and I were talking last night about how there is fit, and then there is Summer Fit. And then there is the far higher standard of Gay Fit. I don't even want to think about Gay Summer Fit. Right now I'm definitely feeling fit. But...Summer Fit? GAY FIT? Not yet...but we'll see. 

*I had never heard of it either. Judge David Young has none of the sass that you really need in a good TV judge. He makes up for it in ridiculous gimmicks though. He used a lie detector test. And then when the results were read, the person who had taken it had to go sit in a chair in a box. The box was labeled Lie Detector BOOTH. I found it hilarious that the self-explanatory "booth" was 10 times bigger than the "Lie Detector," but then I realized there was actually no "Lie Detector" in the booth. 

OMG: As I posted this The Family Court has started. Its a brother and sister and they are fighting about borrowed money. But apparently the brother lost 100 pounds! And the sister is really overweight! Fattie v. Former Fattie showdown! And now they are just arguing about fatness and food and stuff! I should probably get some sort of job before class, huh?!

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  1. LOL! That was hilarious!!! Thanks for the good laugh this a.m. I am soooo making my husband get "Gay Summer Fit" -lol!

    btw, Family Court will rot your brain ;)