Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well Bobby, that is a shame. And I totally hear you - my clothes straight up don't fit (99% of the time leading to an emotional breakdown 15 minutes before I am supposed to leave my house). Even my bras (sad) and underwear - too big. I started this contest as a size 10/Large, now I am a size 6 and have been buying shirts Medium/Small. To be honest, I never thought I'd see a size 6, EVER, and now that I am, I'm motivated to see if I can get into a 4 by the end of the summer. How insane would that be? Pretty sure my bone structure wouldn't even let that happen.

So either way, it's going to be nice for one of us, when the loser (Bobby) pays for a $150 shopping spree for the winner (me).

Stay tuned tonight... Bobby and I are having a sleep over so that we can weigh in together first thing in the morning. I'm 100% sure there will be multiple videos made throughout the night, as right now we are chatting about tonight and it seems unsure whether we'll do P90x in my 100 degree apartment all night, or just get wasted and dehydrate ourselves for maximum weight loss tomorrow morning.

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