Friday, October 30, 2009


This post is dedicated to my love for Halloween. I'll also post another one after the weekend, when we actually celebrate it for real.

Last night, went to an industry party at one of the editors I use a bunch. It was a great time, some amazing costumes, great dancing. Sam Ronson was DJing, I'd heard mixed things about her but I danced more than I have in a while!

Oh and! This guy Mike (hi Mike if you're reading!), who's a friend of Bobby and mine, was at the party. He's lost a bunch of weight and looks amazing, and he said Former Fatties was his inspiration! I'm sure he was kind of lying, but it still was awesome.

Here's me and Jess:

We didn't have a specific costume. We were just... fly.

That dress was my New Years Eve dress last year, when I was a fucking whale:

(obviously reaching a never before seen level of inebriation at that point)

Really, guys? You let me out like that? And that was with Spanx on. Happy to report, yesterday I went Spanx free.

I have to go take a nap now. I'm really hungover. It must be something about that dress, because the two times I've worn it were EXTREME. Something about the sequins...

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