Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank you to everyone who was friends with me in early 2008.

I just unearthed this on Facebook:
It was dated June 2008, which means I had thought that I had lost a good amount of weight at that point. Maybe I had, which is scary. This was right around when I met Katy, and again, I remember thinking I looked good at that point.

For comparison, let us please look at this, taken just after the original Former Fatties contest ended:
I chose another picture with my friend Liz Waters to represent my thanks to her and everyone else who have been friends with me through all of this. By that I mean, "thanks for being friends for me even though I was fat" and, even more so, "thanks for being friends with me even though I've spent the past year and a half talking about losing weight."

That picture does no justice to how soaking wet we were at the Kelly Clarkson concert on Good Morning America. Soaking. My phone died because it was essentially submerged. That is friendship.

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