Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Music > Whammies

165.0, or 0.6 pounds down. Just under half of what I was hoping for, although I should be counting my lucky stars I didn't gain. I still haven't gotten lower than I did after my first week. What the hell kind of Former Fattie do I think I am?

The biggest problem for me in getting all of the Whammies is going to be that that will require waking up to exercise. I love working out in the morning SO MUCH MORE than at night. In the morning it feels like a great way to start the day. At night, it feels like this horrible onus. I am much more likely to complete the whole DVD in the morning...if I actually get up. So far, fail.

Tonight should have been no problem. It was the first time I was scheduled to do Core Synergistics, by far my favorite P90X DVD. I'm not sure why, I just love it. And I always feel great the next day. I was going to do it after dinner, and then go experiment with Abelton, this insane audio software. I decided to play with Abelton first. That was at around 8. It is midnight. I just forced myself to stop and go to bed. No whammie.

Holy crap I definitely have to go to bed since I apparently have to get Tripple Whammie 7 out of the next 8 days in order to get my bonus. If that doesn't get me to finally hit a new low I don't know what will.

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