Thursday, October 22, 2009


I want to look absurdly fit by the time the holidays arrive. It is a great feeling when relatives I haven't seen in a while all notice how fit I look. Historically, the holidays have always been a time when I felt particularly plump, with all those photos being taken of me in ill-fitting sweaters and ALL THOSE APPETIZERS.
And then of course there is New Years, the ultimate opportunity to start fresh. My driving motivation has really been to be totally done trying to lose fat by the end of this year. I can spend 2010 triathlon training and getting in insaaaaane beachbody shape.

SO, a little reality check:

THANKSGIVING is FIVE weeks from today.

CHRISTMAS EVE is NINE weeks from today.

NEW YEARS EVE is TEN weeks from today.

I am glad I realized this now, because my goals are all still attainable, but the is really no more time for messing around.

Katy - how long till you are back in a bikini? Yea...I'm using scare tactics. What of it?

What I am wearing to Christmas mass this year:

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