Friday, October 2, 2009

Just doing my job.

I don't feel like I have all that much to say, really, but knowing that I have a weekly post quota to fill, here I am.

This week has been going alright, I'm staying- somewhat- within points, and getting my exercise in. I have a new gym buddy named my boyfriend so that is encouraging, even though sometimes I feel like I am yelling at him like I am Jillian Michaels. However, yesterday even though I said "this is going to be a quick workout," I set a personal record. I ran 1.5 miles (walked another .75) in 25 minutes. I know that's still slow, but I don't think I've ever ran over 1 mile in a workout. I hate running. Yesterday I felt so good though, I just kept going!

I've also been really, I mean REALLY, into baked potatoes lately. I've had three this week, including one just now for lunch, and yesterday for dinner. Good thing this isn't the Atkins diet. Okay, wait, riddle me this: On the points tracker "baked potato, plain, large" comes in at 3 points. And then "Wendy's baked potato, plain" comes in at 5. W-T-F? I didn't put anything on it (except some S&P, and some of my chili). I'm calling it at 3 points.

Pretty sweet 8 point lunch from Wendys. Cheap (only $4.37 and those were city prices), and a LOT of food (I'm so full!): Small chili w/o cheese (4), baked potato plain w/o butter (3, god damnit), side salad with fat free French dressing (1). I was actually embarrassed to be carrying such a big bag back to my office full of 'fast food'.

Shit. I just realized I was doing my 1 week vegetarian experiment, kinda-sorta-without-even-really-trying-to. But I just blew it with the chili. Oh well- Pretty wild that all week that's the only meat I have eaten, without making any sacrifices.

Um, what else... well, I told Bobby this already but I just purchased the main component of my Halloween costume: a shiny, one-armed, blue leotard. One size too small. And that last part wasn't necessarily on purpose, but it's all they had. Needless to say, I'm counting on this contest to do me right since I won't be wearing much else come October 31. Not unveiling just yet what we're being, but do you have any guesses?

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