Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That last post was too concise.

  • Last night I had some time to kill before my dinner with Katy, so I went to Filene's Basement in Union Square. I tried on jeans. They were size 30. They were kinda loose. I win.
  • Dinner with Katy was great! We were joined by our good friend Bonnie, which was awesome because we love her but also because it forced us to discuss things unrelated to our wastelines. I've realized that when Katy says, "How are you?" I immediately start listing what I've eaten since we last spoke.
  • I have an uncharacteristic craving for sweets lately. Every time I cross paths with a chocolate chip cookie I have a stare-down with it. Its been tough, but I've held strong. Sweets in general just don't seem worth it to eat because they are just empty points. It is really strange to me though that this has just come out of nowhere. I literally stood in front of the vending machine today and had to be talked down by some friends like a jumper on a ledge.
  • Katy, please click here.

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