Friday, October 9, 2009

My Forrest Gump Moment

Yesterday I (finally) woke up for my morning workout. I had done P90X Core Synergistics the night before (so much harder than I remember, but I guess its still my favorite.) I therefore wanted to leave P90X for the evening and just Beyoncercise (elliptical + vocal exercise, for our new readers.) On my way to the basement, the weirdest thing happened. I looked out and it was a beautiful morning, and so I just opened the door and ran.

It was my first ever outside run. It was kinda freakishly pleasant. Do you know how many dog owners and school children have already left the house by 7:30? I had no idea.

I ended up running between 2.5 and 3 miles, but I actually walked a bigger percentage of that distance than I would have hoped. Ever since Nikki called my legs jacked I've actually thought of them as in pretty good shape, but I experienced something I've never felt in my life: InstaSore. I had that "I worked my legs out SO HARD yesterday" feeling just about immediately after I stopped running. Or at least I thought I did, before I felt the sheer hell that is my legs this morning (OK...I love it...but I wish I wasn't walking funny.)

In response to KFC's post, as much as we don't want to admit it, we may be at the point where we don't actually lose very many pounds, but we do get way fitter. My P90X buddy and college roommate Will tried to convince me that this bet was a terrible idea because at this point if I put on muscle and lose a few pounds of fat I'll owe Katy a hundred bucks.

My response was that that may be true, but I can't do this without Katy. I have every intention of making her cry on December 15th, but if it turns out that I essentially pay her $100 for three months of motivation, I'd say that is money well spent.

I often weigh myself Friday mornings to see how I'm doing heading into the weekend. I am at 164, tied with my low in this contest and 0.2 pounds above my all-time post-infancy low (I had a dream that I adopted a baby last night. I was kinda sad when I realized it was a dream.) Like Katy, I finally feel fitter and thinner again. My goal for this weekend is to remember that the socializing I have planned for tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday is going to be super fun because of the people, NOT because I stuff my face. There is still a part of me that is holding out hope to break 160 by the 15th, but that would involve dropping 4 pounds in a week. Crazier things have happened, but again, I looked thinner and fitter than I ever have this morning, so no matter what the scale says, if I look even better next week, I'm so satisfied.

To conclude an already too-long post, I will share an awesome moment from this week. My new friend Marcia, upon learning that I had dropped so many LB's, said "No way! You look mad fly now!" Can we all agree to love her forever?

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