Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I fell off the wagon.

I was considering titling this entry "The Slippery Slope," but then I wouldn't have been able to share this graphic with you all. KA-BUMP!

Essentially, I've bastardized our love child because I've fallen off of the wagon. This site keeps ME accountable as well, and I haven't been holding myself accountable we are.

Looking at the blog, its really easy to watch my focus slip. I was HARDCORE for Week 1. For early last week, I wasn't as obsessive, but I would look back at the end of the day and find I had followed my points almost to the point (and blog that every other day). Before this bet, I had hovered in the 182 - 184 lb. range for months, never able to get any closer to cracking the 170s. On day 1 of the bet I had gotten up to 185.6. Two weeks later...179.2. Freaking. Awesome. 

So what is the problem here? The problem is that in my content last week of "Oh lookie, I ate properly today, " I got out of the routine of tracking and immediately logging every single point. That gave me trouble by the time I got to Thursday (see below). Saturday, Craig, Kim and I went on a fancy Valentine's day dinner. It was the last day of my points week, and I had something absurd like 38 left to play with. So I pretty much said, "fuck it."

I think the problem is that there is a difference between 38 points and "fuck it." I actually made good choices when ordering, but I mean...bread and oil. More importantly, when I've decided that I'm having a "fuck it" night, that doesn't include having a glass of sangria. That involves having closer to a pitcher of sangria. 

Which meant I was hung over the next day and ate: two hot dogs, a cheeseburger, and some broccoli. 

So essentially what I'm telling you is that last night I ate at least half a bag of Tostitos. KA-BUMP!

OK in blogging this I feel like I'm being dramatic and its really only been a few days. What I think is important though is that had it not been for this bet, I would not have snapped out of this. It would be two weeks later and I'd have gained back the weight that it only took me two weeks to lose. So...I guess I'm going to not use any bonus points for the rest of the week and hope for the best.

10 days till March 1st...

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  1. 1.) That is a great picture of you and your wagon.
    2.) You can do it Pins, get back on that wagon!