Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3/2/09 menu - Katy

Total points: 29.5 / 22
Exercise: No, but I did exercise Friday night (I did the Shred when I got home from babysitting), and a double workout on Saturday - AM and PM. (11 total so far)
HGs: No (7 total)

  • Fiber cereal, berries, skim - 4

  • Vegetable soup with kidney beans and chick peas (protein) - 2
  • Baked potato with 1 tsp butter - 3.5
  • Apple - 1
  • 2 Starbursts - 1

Dinner - this is what we call "A WILD BINGE"
  • We made a nice dinner - whole wheat pasta with asparagus, mushrooms and spinach, black olive tapenade and feta cheese - 7.5
  • 4 glasses of red wine - 6.5
  • which justified having...
  • Semi-WW cupcake that we made for Eva for her bday (substitute apple sauce for oil in the recipe) - 4

So yeah, not so awesome on the back end there but I needed it. Alex was here, we were snowed in, Nikki and I needed to drink because we may or may not be alcoholics. Making cupcakes was fun, though.

I'm going to do better, because I am feeling the effects of my decisions today and I'm pretty unhappy about it.

Bobby Rowe's video blogs are out of this world. I still can't decide if I'm ready to board that party train, but I promise that if I do, my shirt stays on.

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