Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Whammy as well.

I got HG's Friday but forgot to blog them over the weekend (it was nice outside, sorry.) I figured it was a lost whammie but if Katy did the same I'm cool with us just both counting them. No whammies over the weekend, HG & AP yesterday.

Total Whammies: 44.

With 30 days remaining, it is possible to get at least 60 more whammies by eating right and working out every day. I'm obviously not getting my HG's on party day (unless i put a lot of limes in some sort of whole wheat beer...and then add some oil.) I do plan on working out first thing in the morning though.  44 + 59 = 103 = 4 extra pounds. Just saying. Beach ready in 30 days? We'll find out. Its not like I haven't lost 10 pounds in a month before, although these pounds seem to be way more stubborn. 

PS: I'm gaining weight. Awesome. And don't give me that "It's muscle" business. It's fat.

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