Monday, April 20, 2009

R.I.P. Before Pictures

Over the (far less healthy than it should have been) weekend, I gasped as I realized that if my hard drive was erased (which it was), then I no longer have my BEFORE PICTURES! Sad. 

Thank goodness we still have gems like these:

I used to have that creation so often (nearly every day...gross) that it was named after me. And that is only one quarter of it. I'm glad this shot also includes part of the ONE LITER OF SUNKIST that was included in the Bobby Special. The orange soda alone was 11 points, or more than a third of my points for the day.

I found this picture while making the Facebook event for the party celebrating the memory of Craig and my apartment. This giant afternoon spectacle will be taking place two weeks before The Former Fatties comes to a close. Rather than not drinking that day, I'm just going to convince Katy to come drink with me. I also request the presence of Alex, Nikki, and Jeandog.

32 days...

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