Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Healthy vs skinny

I just saw this for the first time on another blog, and it really moved me. It seems that, even moreso since I've lost weight, I am harder on myself and my body image. Where before, I mentally dismissed the issue and thought of myself as having gone to the land of no return, now I've gotten into better shape than I've ever been in but still think it's not good enough. It's weird, and it's unhealthy, and I know I need to change. I am a 24 year old successful female with a great career, wonderful friends, an amazing relationship and a healthy and supportive family. I have no reason to be down on myself and instead of partaking in "fat talk" all the time, further damaging my self image, I am going to try and turn my attitude around and focus on being healthy. And healthy doesn't mean a certain size, or a certain number. It means treating my body respectfully, eating things that are good for me and exercising to stay healthy and strong. And in turn, happy.

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