Monday, June 1, 2009

Man up

I don't really have any excuses or rationale behind the way I was eating this past week.
"I took the week off."
"I fell off the wagon."
"The only things that appeal to me are cheeseburgers, margaritas, sangria and guacamole."

Whatever. I was lazy, I was binging, and now I'm back on track. For real. I can't slip up this time.

Anyway, I found this little gem of a search engine called WolframAlpha thanks to my tech-savvy co-worker, Matt. It's like Google on Hydroxycut.

For example, I could type "running 15min, 10min/mi, 24yo female, 5'4", 138lb" into the search bar, and tell you that I burn 168 calories and 0.048 lb in that short baby workout.

I could also type in "BMI 5'4'', 138lb" and tell you that my BMI is now in the "normal" range, at 23.7%, complete with a graph. (PS. Pre-Former Fatties, I was classified "overweight" at 26.8%)

Type in "taco bell bean burrito" to get it's nutritional information.

Or type in "BAC 3 drinks, 1 hour, female, 138lb" to learn that I would, in fact, be too drunk to drive and would have to wait 2 hrs 50 minutes til I could legally drive.

Because you know next time I get shithoused, I'm going straight to WolframAlpha.

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