Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Healthy guidelines? What are those?

B - thanks for the kind words. Had a really nice night with Alex(andstayed within my alotted points!). Also desperately craving cupcakesfor some reason...

And I totally empathize on the eating-out-is-always-a-disaster thing.It seems like I have a lunch and/or dinner and/or cocktail date everyday in the coming week. Mostly with reps/work stuff, and Alex turnsinto a senior citizen as we celebrate his 26th birthday this weekend.I know how to make points-conscious decisions at times like these,although it seems that when I dine out even for 1 meal that isn't 100%within my control, I lose any chance of getting all my HGs in (withoutracking up excessive points). Anyone have any tips?

B: Honey Nut Cheerios(2), Fiber One(0), skim(2)

L: Daisy May's BBQ- whoa. Tried to be as good as posslble. 2 pieces of BBQ chicken(8), 1/2c creamed corn (1.5), 1/2c baked beans(4)

S: chocolate binge with my female coworkers as we spent 3 hours creating an internet dating profile for Jessica(4)

HO(happy hour gets its own abbreviation): 1 Bud Light(2)

D: Taco Bell: Crunchy Fresco Taco and side of pintos and cheese(7)

Over again, this time by 11.5. No HGs, no exercise. Fuck. Just take the crown.

I'm currently on the LIRR to my parents' because tomorrow is ourfamily run charity golf tournament and italian "feastival" completewith cannolis, gelato, cocktails and italian meats spread throughoutthe course. Fan-tastic. Oh, one of the guys from the Sopranos (Vito is his characters name, no clue his real name) will be there. Fangul!

Carpel tunnels via blackberry setting in. Katy out.

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  1. my tips for eating out is order the food exactly the way you would cook it at home then just tell the waiter you have weird food allergies so they don't spit in your food ;0)

    my other tip would be to try and pick restaurants that have a few locations so they have to have the nutrition facts posted on the menu, it makes it a little easier to figure out the better choices.

    don't stress, you are making healthier choices than you think. plus although you may not go to the gym everyday, you're still walking to and from the subway which is definitely better than driving everywhere (like I do hah.)