Thursday, January 7, 2010

1st Binge of the New Year

Ughhh blah! TOO FULL!!!! I feel pregnant with a baby of greek food.

Know that feeling?

Dinner tonight my mom who has been working so hard lately said I don't want to cook- Let's order out. She picks our favorite Greek restaurant. I love this place. (Bobby we went there with Liz W. remember?) There are tons of healthy options and the most delicious greek salads in the world. But I had just had a big greek salad for dinner two nights before so I didn't want to have that agin. So instead I end up ordering this a combo meal with lamb, beef, chicken, peas, rice- so yummy. Instead of just eating until I was full I just ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate get the idea.

Finally I just got up from the table and started cleaning up. But I wasn't done yet. I was so disappointed. I had been doing so well this year and I had ruined all my hard work (I realize now outside from the moment that this is not logical but it is how my mind works mid-binge). About 15minutes after dinner I polished off 2 1/2 100 calorie packs and a hot chocolate.


I am not going to change overnight. I have been disorderly eating for years so it is going to take time and hard work to overcome these behaviors. Now is the time. I do not want to feel like this anymore. I want to be happy and healthy.

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  1. That's the right thinking. I have had many off days lately but I keep thinking that just because I fall off the weight loss bandwagon, doesn't mean I can't just hop back on. You can do it!