Thursday, March 11, 2010

Frantic Tuesday

I had a pretty difficult week with midterms, job searching, moon cycle issues, and food. I want to share with you a bit about this past Tuesday which was by far my most stressful day.
  • 5:30 I woke up, had breakfast (bagel thin and WW cream cheese- 2pts), and began to study at home.
  • 7:30 I commuted into the city.
  • 9am I was sitting in my section at the library. Around 10 I had a mid-morning snack of coffee and light cheese.
  • 12pm I reviewed my resumes, got my game face on for the job fair, and than was a ball of nerves that I didn't want to eat (WHAT?! So so rare for me usually its the opposite) I picked at a turkey sandwich on wheat with avocado.
  • Studied more
  • 2pm went to the job fair- ah so intense: lots of handshaking, smiling, telling people why they should hire me, an on-the-spot interview
  • 4pm I left the job fair feeling very frantic and immediately thought: I NEED A BIG COOKIE! (I don't even like cookies)
  • 4:10pm Having a mental battle at Columbia's coffee shop about whether to have a cookie or to stay on track
  • 4:12 I bought a skinny latte put numerous splendas to satisfy my sweet tooth
  • Studied more
  • 5:10 took my mid-term and OWNED IT! I knew everything on ABA, the test, and than some
  • I finished!! Felt so relieved and than thought: I NEED A HUGE CHEESEBURGER, FRIES, AND BEER.
  • Considered calling my father (who I often nag at for his poor eating choices- enabling at its best) to see if he'd meet me at our favorite pub for just that but instead...
  • I commuted back to Long Island and enjoyed a 2pt dark chocolate bar on the train.
  • Had a dinner of steak, 1/2 a potato, and veggies at home.
  • Enjoyed a bowl of special K chocolately delight with skim milk
  • I was still feeing pent up nerves, stress, and exhaustion and I wanted to EAT EAT EAT
  • Instead I went to bed at 9pm and slept until 9am on Wednesday.
That was my day. I am proud of how I handled my binge sensations throughout the day. In the past those stressful, emotional moments would have turned into an embarrassingly large cookie or a lonely meal of McDonalds on the LIRR. Those would have made my day much much worse in the long run. I need to continue working on finding coping skills to for my emotions but I am definitely making progress. Even with all the crazyness of this week I managed to lose 1.4pounds!

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  1. yay another pound gone forever
    im so proud of u