Friday, January 30, 2009

My Final Fattie Friday.

On Tuesday when we were in preliminary stages of negotiating the Former Fattie deal, Katy said to me, "I can't decide if you are my friend or my enemy right now." She then said, "Really, you should eat a ton before the first weigh in, cause its easier to lose weight that you just put on." Based on the fact that I know she's been making healthy choices, I think she had probably decided I was an enemy. 

The next day I had General Tsao's chicken. Too much of it. With white rice. I got uncomfortably full but finished anyway. 

Yesterday I didn't have breakfast at home because I planned to get an all-fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice on the way into the studio. The V train came instead of the R though, dropping me off a full avenue away from JJ. I had no choice but to get 2 eggs, bacon and cheese on a roll. I had a hunk of salmon for lunch at around 2:30. When I got home I told Craig I wasn't going to eat with him because I had eaten so much I was just going to have "something very light." I then sat on the couch for an hour brainstorming what that meant. The best answer I could come up with? A "British Burger," which is what our local diner calls a half pound burger with bacon, swiss, and caramelized onions. With a side of curly fries.

Finally, today--my final Fattie Friday--I told my dad that I didn't care where we went to lunch so long as they had to give my pasta its own plate because there was too much chicken parmesan on my main dish. 

Each of these meals has been delicious and I like that on Weight Watchers, I never have to declare that I am giving these foods up forever. However, I now feel so gross that I am planning to spend my Friday night curled up in a ball digesting. The obvious lesson is that eating crap all the time is horrible for you. What I'm actually taking away though, is that Katy is can not be trusted. Game on.

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