Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday's menu - Katy

Ughhh weekends, my ultimate challenge. I'm determined to keep my shit together though and this blog will help keep me accountable.

Also, next Thursday I'm flying to LA to move my man Alex back to the east coast (!!!!). (!!!!!!!!!). I'm obviously so fucking excited, especially since this time period between Christmas/New Years and now has been the longest stint of time we've gone without seeing each other (6 weeks), since we've been doing the long distance thing (almost 10 months). It goes without saying that it's been insanely difficult in every way, and I'm so excited to see him and give LA the proverbial finger as we bring him back to NY. But I digress. My point for this blog is, four days in the car driving cross country is going to be a points raping, so to speak. Any advice?

Without further a-do...

Total points: 28.5/22 (19.5 left for the weekend + 7APs earned so far this week, should I so desire to use them.)
HGs: Nope. Will do better next week. I seriously get everything but the oil every day, WTF.
Exercise: Nope, but will today and tomorrow to get my point.

  • TJ Fiber cereal, Fiber One, 1c frozen berries, skim milk - 4 pts
  • OJ - 2 pts

  • Turkey sandwich on whole wheat, with lettuce/tomato/pickles/hot peppers and a little honey mustard - 4
  • Steamed veggies - 0
  • 2 Hershey's Kisses - 1

Dinner (went out to a BYOB Greek restaurant with the girls)
  • Garlic pizza/bread - 5
  • 3 stuffed grape leaves - 3
  • Over a bed of veggies - 0
  • With 1/8 cup feta - 1.5
  • and olives - 1
  • Whole wheat pita - 2
  • 3 glasses of deliiiiicious red wine - 5

The last item on that list caused me to fall asleep on top of my bed as soon as I got home- dress, tights, cardigan and all. Weird because I used to be a 1-bottle champ when it came to the vino, and now even 2 glasses gets to me.

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  1. i'm actually going to give LA the finger, there's nothing proverbial about it. dinner sounds like it was heavenly.