Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting ahead of ourselves

I'm going to post todays menu already, to prevent myself from eating anything else. Basically, I had lunch courtesy of BoRo and the KG crew and my complete lack of knowledge for what I was eating totally threw me off my game. Not sure if that was intended sabotage or not (Auria, are you getting paid?), but I just sort of lost control.

Seeing Bobby, or I should say, seeing the lack of Bobby, should have been enough to scare me into starvation mode. But, it didn't.

No HGs, no exercise.

Dinner was courtesy of my girl (and fellow WW-er) Eva, who made us an assortment or roasted veggies. She even tried the Hungry Girl/Weight Watchers standby of using crushed up Fiber One cereal instead of bread crumbs to bread something. She made breaded eggplant using Fiber One and egg whites, and it was delicious! I put some sauce on things, and some grated cheese, and I think I'm generous in saying the meal was 5 pts.

Work has been busy, I'm tired, and I need to stop dipping into my flex points during the week.

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